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  1. Umbra Polaris

    Umbra Polaris Board Enthusiast Silver Member

    [03-04-2013] v2.7.4.0

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  3. Umbra Polaris

    Umbra Polaris Board Enthusiast Silver Member

    [font=arial,sans-serif][03-05-2013] v2.7.5.0[/font]

    + Added option to enable or disable the balloon hints
    + Allow user to set timeout for balloon hints
    + Fixed issue that occurred when the PC is rebooted: you could not start any application for 6-9 seconds
    + Auto-populate the commandline whitelist and commandline wildcards using the common commandline strings used by the OS
    + Added an option "Copy to Clipboard" in both CommandLine and CommandLine (Wildcards)
    + Fixed the option "Copy All Processes To..." in Processes and Events TAB
    + Automatically save and restore the width of all listviews columns
    + Automatically save and restore the position of the main window and prompt window
    + Optimized the "Enter Password" window
    + Optimized the initial whitelist of system protected processes
    + Added option to password protect the execution of commandline strings with support for wildcards
    + Fixed display of the EULA and Activation window on dual monitors
    + Save and restore the main window state (maximized or normal)
    + Properly show an error balloon hints when protection or lockdown mode is disabled
    + Re-introduced the function that maintains the real-time protection disabled after a reboot
    + Allow main window to be resized
    + Allow user to set the minimum value of 1 in Idle, Protection and Popups options
    + Allow user to enable balloon hints when protection is disabled/enabled or lockdown mode is disabled/enabled
    + Optimized the notification popup window
    + Optimized the icon in the system tray
    + Optimized the alert dialog
    + Updated NVTACTIV
    + Allow alert dialog to be resized
    + When you browse for a file, the folder where is located the selected file is remembered
    + Added option "Do not ask to restore the real-time protection when disabled"
    + Added option "Do not ask to restore the lockdown mode when disabled"
    + Added pagination in the Configuration Wizard
    + When a signed PE file is executed, show in the alert dialog a string in red color that says: the certificate is revoked or invalid
    + Added option to manage Trusted Vendors: all processes signed by the trusted vendors specified in the list will be allowed to run
    + Auto populate the list of trusted vendors
    + Added option to block processes signed with an invalid or revoked certificate
    + Added option to open a new system utility Disk Management
    + Added option "Add to Trusted Vendors" in the alert dialog near "Signed" field
  4. novirusthanks

    novirusthanks Initiat3 Developers

    New version v2.7.6 has been released:

    [22-05-2013] v2.7.6.0
    + When export settings, auto-set filename to (example): erp_settings_09-05-2013_12.43.18.erp
    + Fixed export settings in x86 version
    + Fixed display of dialog "Enter commandline string:" in x86 version
    + Sort alphabetically the list of Trusted Vendors
    + Do not show the password prompt when the protection is disabled at reboot
    + Updated NVTACTIV
    + Fixed bug that prompted two times the password dialog on whitelisting operations password protected
    + Optimized the auto-populated commandline whitelist
    + Show the number of days left in the trial version
    + Removed Debug TAB, not needed anymore
    + Optimized notification window when a process is blocked
    + Optimized the configuration wizard
    + Make sure to not quarantine system files when is selected "Block and Quarantine" in alert dialog
    + Removed the option "Block and Delete", better to use "Block and Quarantine" (safer)
    + Optimized uninstallation process
    + Optimized whitelist of trusted folders (allow wildcard and removed "Recursive"->Yes/No option)
    + Added option "WhiteList All .EXE Files in a Folder" in the RMB options in WhiteList Tab
    + Fixed various typos in messages
    + Minor fixes and optimizations

    Some screenshots:

    1. Select to activate trial or full version:

    2. Optimized the option to scan a folder and add to the whitelist all .exe files:

    3. Optimized the option to whitelist a folder, now it support wildcards:

    Everyone can download the fully functional 30-days trial version and then activate the full version after installed or at anytime:

    A very much thanks goes to all beta testers for their help and patience :)
  5. artoor

    artoor Moderator Staff Member

    As Andreas says:

  6. novirusthanks

    novirusthanks Initiat3 Developers

    NoVirusThanks EXE Radar Pro v3.0 has been released:

    [17-03-2014] v3.0.0.0
    + Improved detection of new processes using a kernel-mode driver
    + Detects code executed by using thread local storage (TLS) callbacks (thanks to Fabian Wosar and Liviu Itoafa for their PoC)
    + Do not show balloon hints when the PC is booted and the protection is enabled
    + Added option "Password protect disabling of real-time protection"
    + Remember the last enabled Protection Mode when ERP is closed
    + Optimized the loading of blacklist and whitelists when the PC is booted
    + Updated the menu Help -> Online Help File
    + Added option "View commandline string" in the popupmenu of Events/CommandLine tab
    + Removed completely whitelist commandline that used MD5 hash
    + Optimized the graphical user interface, settings window and prompt dialog
    + Simplified the configuration wizard
    + Merged the "Trusted Folders" tab with "Path Comparison" tab
    + Minor fixes and optimizations

    Download link:

    If you are a v2.7.7 user, you should find this tool useful:

    This is a small tool useful to merge the command-line strings that used the MD5 hash with the wildcard-enabled strings:

    Usage is pretty simple:

    1) Close ERP
    2) Run ERPCmdLineMerger.exe
    3) Click the button
    4) Close ERPCmdLineMerger.exe
    5) Open ERP

    Update from v2.7.7 to v3.0.0:

    The auto-updater should work fine, make sure to disable the other security software (or handle their alerts correctly) for a clean installation of the new version. You can export the settings/lists before run the updater (recommended), I think there will be no need to import them as v3.0 handles the old settings/lists.

    Alternatively you can:

    1) Uninstall ERP v2.7.7
    2) Reboot the PC
    3) Install ERP v3.0

    Then if you want to merge the command-line rules:

    1) Close ERP
    2) Run ERPCmdLineMerger (to merge command-line rules)
    3) Run ERP

    You can remove ERPCmdLineMerger.exe then, as it is a run-once tool.
  7. artoor

    artoor Moderator Staff Member

    Novirusthanks, you're doing great work with NVTERP. To me it works just perfect. Thank you!
  8. Bala

    Bala Administrator Staff Member

    Yeah its going great. Going to give NVT another run on the PC.
  9. WalterWolf

    WalterWolf Board Enthusiast

    Program is nice,but can't find any giveaway :(
  10. jerzy6012.50

    jerzy6012.50 Valued Member Known Member

    program is wonderful I use it for a year and just updated.
  11. Neos

    Neos Initiat3

    NVTERP is need of every windows user . I suggest all of windows user for safe his computer use it.
    and best part is support of NO VIRUS THANKS staff.
    Thanks for such a great product
  12. jasonX

    jasonX Giveaways Moderator Staff Member

    NoVirusThanks Exe Radar Pro 3.1_15052015 Build 1 (Beta)

    This is the last known beta build until it was silence from the devs.


    To update:

    1) Close ERP from trayicon->exit
    2) Uninstall ERP completely
    3) Reboot the PC (very important)
    4) Install ERP

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