Tweakbytes [Official] VoodooShield PRO_Mother's Day MakeUsLaugh Photo Caption Contest 2018_1

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  1. jasonX

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    We @ are very pleased to announce
    our VoodooShield sponsored

    Mother's Day MakeUsLaugh Photo Caption Contest 2018_1


    “They say a picture is worth a thousand words”

    We are looking for the best humorous/witty caption you can think about the picture posted above!!!


    1 x 2 year license of VoodooShield PRO



    VoodooShield is an anti-executable program that whitelists programs running in your system and blocks whatever untoward behavior that is trigerred by programs that are not in the whitelist. There is never a good reason to let new, non-whitelisted executable code run while an app is running.

    VoodooShield uses a proprietary proactive whitelist snapshot approach to virus and malware protection. VoodooShield utilizes a deny by default method so that dangerous affirmative user prompts are avoided. That is, for security reasons the user should not be required to make a decision on whether to block or allow a new non-whitelisted item that VoodooShield has blocked. There is no reason to take a chance that a blocked item might be malicious, especially when the user does not need or want to run the blocked item.

    The golden rule of VoodooShield:
    If VoodooShield blocks something that you asked or intended
    to run, then allow it (assuming that there are no warnings from the blacklist scan or VoodooAi). Otherwise, if VoodooShield blocks something out of the blue, then just ignore it and assume it was a malware or a virus.

    The Concept
    As extremely user-friendly as VoodooShield is, it is different from traditional blacklist antivirus, thus it is vital that the user understands how it works in order to use it properly. VoodooShield does not remove existing viruses so the user must keep in mind, VoodooShield is not intended to replace your current security solution, but rather to compliment it by adding an additional initial layer of protection that acts as a lock, rather than a traditional blacklist filter.

    Why the need for such a program?
    Traditional antivirus software can no longer keep up with the 200,000+ new viruses and malware created daily. Since most viruses and malware attack through web browsers and email attachments, VoodooShield locks your computer and blocks all new, non-whitelisted executable code (including viruses and malware), while your computer is running a web app (browser, email, etc.). It also protects the user space when not at risk. When used properly, VoodooShield will effectively block all browser and email based viruses and malware.


    How VoodooShield Works
    VoodooShield is a patented toggling Desktop Shield Gadget / Computer Lock that automatically toggles to ON and locks your computer when you start a web app. Depending on whetheryou are at risk or not the SMART Mode toggles into action turning it ON/OFF based on it's unique layered protection.

    VoodooShield utilizes three layers of protection which are (a) an application whitelisting lock, (b) a machine learning / Ai decision engine and, (c) a multi-engine blacklist scan. The application whitelisting lock automatically toggles to ON when the computer is at risk to lock your computer and keep you safe while browsing the web or checking email. While the machine learning / Ai and multi-engine blacklist scanners automatically scan new and unknown executable files to ensure that malware is not accidently allowed by the end user.

    Your Antivirus is a filter. VoodooShield is a computer lock.

    The default mode - SMART Mode actions are:

    OFF Mode (Unlocked): Your computer is unlocked, and VoodooShield is learning which programs to allow so it will not block them once VoodooShield locks your computer. You can also change to this mode if you need to install or allow additional software. Your computer is NOT protected in this mode.

    ON Mode (Locked): Your computer is locked and you are protected. When VoodooShield automatically toggles to ON Mode, it takes a snapshot of the currently running software, and automatically allows everything in this snapshot. VoodooShield also automatically allows currently installed software and specific critical Windows system files. Any software that was not allowed when VoodooShield was OFF is blocked.

    VoodooShield comes in 2 versions: (a) FREE version and, (b) PRO version.

    What is the difference between VoodooShield Free and Pro?
    The installer and software are the same. VoodooShield is free to non-commercial home users, but does not allow the user to adjust most of the settings and tweaks that are available in the Pro version. VoodooShield Free is pre-configured with optimal settings which will work great for the majority of users. VoodooShield Pro allows the user to adjust and tweak the settings and also includes several corporate features that are useful in the enterprise. If you have a PRO licenses you just have to register for a user account so you can unlock the advanced features.


    System Requirements

    For PC's, VoodooShield is compatible with Windows Vista through Windows 10 (32 & 64 bit).
    For Servers, VoodooShield is compatible with Windows 2008 Server through Windows Server 2012 R2 (32 & 64 bit).

    Along this line we would like to thank VoodooShield for extending to us the giveaway/contest prize.


    Contest is OPEN to ALL members.

    1. Compose any
    humorous/witty or funny caption you can think about the picture posted above that will "Make Us Laugh"

    Post your entry here
    WITH your social media share. Please see sample entry below.


    2. To show your gratitude and support to the developer please share this giveaway by pasting the code below in your Facebook/Twitter/Google+ Account


    Optional: You may want to like/follow VoodooShield's social networking sites as added support.

    VoodooShield on Facebook

    VoodooShield on Twitter

    VoodooShield on YouTube

    3. Only one entry per IP is permitted.
    If you are using a VPN/Proxy to enter into this giveaway this against our forum rules BUT we guess ultimately members will try. So please take note, that if another member has also entered this same giveaway with the same VPN/Proxy before you did, then your entry will simply not be valid.

    Rules are pretty simple . To enter this contest you must comply with these above
    3 simple RULES to be considered as a valid entry.

    Winning member will be selected (by contest sponsor -- VoodooShield) and will be announced after the end of the competition/contest.
    Winner has 3 days to send a PM to claim his prize.

    The contest starts May 10, 2018 and
    ends on June 10, 2018

    Goodluck to all!!!


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    The developer/sponsor has been informed. Please be patient for the announcement of the winner.
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    Tweakbytes [Official] VoodooShield PRO_Mother's Day MakeUsLaugh Photo Caption Contest 2018_1




    Danyboy Hidalgo
    Elijah Gale

    Please include your details (Name/Email) in your PM claim.



    Prize will be FORFEIT if a PM claim is not received within the specified timeframe.

    Prize will be FORFEIT if a PM claim is "not confirmed".

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    Please claim your win within the time period specified. Let us not waste this great gesture extended to us by VoodooShield.

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    Congrats to Winners
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    Thank you very much my Dear Aladdin, you know that you are the best @jasonX ! Congratulations to me and the others Winners.:win:
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    All details were just sent to the dev. Please be patient. The dev will directly contact you about your win and as per rule you will need to confirm reception of your win either via email or PM.


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    Congratulations to all winners
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