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    We @ are very pleased to announce our
    Dr. Web Security Space 11 with Dr. Web Mobile Security [3x 1 year Licenses] Giveaway!


    We would like to Doctor Web, Ltd. for sponsoring us the giveaway license prizes.

    Overview of Dr. Web Security Space 11

    Dr.Web Security Space 11 (2017) with Dr.Web Mobile Security solution is a advanced powerful security package solution brought to you by Dr. Web. Dr.Web Security Space 11 (DWSS 11) uses advanced methods such as SpIDer Guard Technology to locate and respond to real time threats, Dr.Web Security Space will protect against virus, Trojan, adware, worms, spyware, hacking programs, and inappropriate web content and cybercrime targeting children. Dr.Web for Mobile will provide real time protection for mobile phone.

    It comes packed with several protection modules for fighting against all sorts of threats that may comprise your computer’s stability and performance, offers support for antivirus, protection against spam and phishing websites, parental control, remote antivirus network options, firewall (you may choose to deploy it on your PC during the installation process), identification of malicious URLs via its personal cloud servers, backups, and blocking mode for removable devices.

    Protection Components

    SpIDer Guard—an on-access anti-virus scanner that constantly resides in memory while scanning processes and files on start or creation and instantly detecting any malicious activity. It is DWSS 11's real time protection and immediately responds to files on hard drives and portable media on detection.


    SpIDer Guard is an on-access anti-virus scanner that constantly resides in memory and scans files and RAM “on the fly” instantly detecting any malicious activity.With the default settings, the component performs on-access scans of files that are being created or changed on the hard drives and all files that are opened on removable media. SpIDerGuard constantly monitors running processes for virus-like activity and, if such is detected, blocks alicious processes and reports on the event. On detection of an infected object, SpIDer Guard processes it according to the specified settings.

    Files within archives and mailboxes are not scanned. If a file within an archive or email attachment is infected, the malicious object will be detected and neutralized by SpIDer Guard immediately when you try to extract the archived files or download the attachment. To prevent spread of viruses and other malicious objects via email, use SpIDer Mail. On detection of an infected object, SpIDer Guard applies actions to it according to the
    specified settings. You can change settings to configure automatic reaction to different virus events. You can also connect to Doctor Web cloud services that allow anti-virus components to use the latest information on threats. This information is stored and updated on Doctor Web servers in real-time mode.

    SpIDer Gate® is an anti-virus HTTP monitor. By default, it automatically checks incoming HTTP traffic and blocks all malicious objects. By default, SpIDer Gate blocks all incoming malicious objects. SpIDer Gate can be configured to completely disable monitoring of incoming or outgoing traffic, compose an "applications list" whose HTTP traffic should always be checked or exclude certain applications from being monitored. By default, SpIDer Gate blocks all incoming malicious objects. URL filtering of malicious and unreliable websites is also enabled by default.


    SpIDer Mail—is an anti-virus mail scanner that monitors data exchange between mail clients and mail servers made via POP3, SMTP, IMAP4, or NNTP (IMAP4 stands for IMAPv4rev1) protocols and detects and neutralizes threats before they are transmitted to or from your computer thus preventing spread of infection via email. SpIDer Mail may block some options of mail programs like sending a message to multiple addresses might be considered as mass distribution, incoming mail is not scanned for spam, useful information from a safe text part of infected messages becomes unavailable in case of automatic deletion. Advanced users can configure mail scanning settings and reaction of the program to various events.


    Anti-spam — detects spam and other unsolicited messages in any language, with next-to-zero false positives. The user can configure lists of senders whose messages are delivered or blocked by SpIDer Mail automatically (that is, without analyzing their contents). If an address is added to the white list, messages from the sender will be always delivered to recipients. If you add an address to the black list, all messages from the sender will be regarded as spam automatically (that is, without scanning). By default, both lists are empty so the user will have a freehand to create his list. Dr.Web also gives you the option to import/export your created list.

    Dr.Web Scanner -- is the anti-virus scanner with a graphical interface that launches on demand or as scheduled and scans your computer for viruses and other malicious software.
    It allows you to run anti-virus scans of disk boot sectors, random access memory (RAM), and both separate files and objects enclosed within complex structures (archives, containers, or email attachments). The program uses all detection methods to detect viruses and other malicious software. By default, Dr.Web Scanner checks all files for viruses using both the virus database and the heuristic analyzer (a method based on the general algorithms of virus developing allowing to detect the viruses unknown to the program with a high probability). Executable files compressed with special packers are unpacked when scanned. Files in archives of all commonly used types (ACE, ALZIP, AR, ARJ, BGA, 7-ZIP, BZIP2, CAB, GZIP, DZ, HA, HKI, LHA, RAR, TAR, ZIP, etc.), in containers (1C, CHM, MSI, RTF, ISO, CPIO, DEB, RPM, etc.), and in mailboxes of mail programs (the format of mail messages should conform to RFC822) are also checked.


    On detection of a malicious object, Dr.Web Scanner only informs you about it. Information on all infected or suspicious objects displays in the table where you can manually select a necessary action. You can apply default actions to all detected threats or select the required reaction to a certain object.

    Dr.Web Console Scanner—included in DWSS 11 which allows you to run scanning from the command line and provides advanced settings.

    Parental Control—a component that restricts access to websites, files, and folders. You can also set time limits on using the Internet and computerfor certain Windows accounts.
    By restricting access to the local file system, you can maintain integrity of important files, protect them from viruses, and secure confidentiality of stored data. You can limit access to separate files or folders on local drives and removable media. In web resources control the user (specifically your kids or those that need "parenting") is restricted from viewing ndesirable websites and it's content or limits access to websites as specified in the Parental Control settings.


    Dr.Web Firewall—a personal firewall that protects your computer from unauthorized access and prevents leak of vital data through networks. It monitors connection attempts and data transfer and helps you block unwanted or suspicious connections both on network and application levels.


    Firewall provides you with the following features:

    · Control and filtration of all incoming and outgoing traffic
    · Access control on the application level
    · Filtration of packets on the network level
    · Fast selection of rule sets
    · Event logging

    Once installation completes, Firewall starts learning by intercepting all connection attempts from your operating system or user applications. If no filtering rules have been set for the program, Firewall prompts you to select the necessary action. In cases when a connection is initiated by a trusted application (an application with existing rules), but this application is run by an unknown parent process, Firewall displays the corresponding notification.

    Dr.Web for Microsoft Outlook—a plug-in that checks Microsoft Outlook mailboxes for threats and spam. The Dr.Web for Microsoft Outlook plug-in performs the following functions:

    · Anti-virus check of incoming email attachments
    · Check of email attachments transferred over encrypted SSL connections
    · Spam check
    · Detection and neutralization of malware
    · Heuristic analysis for additional protection against unknown viruses

    Preventive Protection allows the user to configure Dr.Web's reaction to actions of other programs that can compromise your computer’s security and select a level of protection against exploits. Separate protection modes either "for particular applications" or "general mode" can be configured by the user which will apply to all other processes.


    General mode configuration can be donw by selecting it from the Operation mode list or click Change parameters of suspicious activity blocking. As a result of the A second action results in a pop-up window from where the user must provide details on said mode. All changes are saved in the User mode. In this window, you can also create a new profile for saving necessary settings. To set preventive protection settings for "particular applications", the user can do that by clicking the "Change access" parameters for applications. In the succeeding pop-up window the user can add a new rule or edit or delete an existing rule.

    Dr.Web Mobile Security (Android/Blackberry)


    Dr.Web Mobile Security is a reliable anti-virus solution for users of the devices working under the Android/Blackberry operating system. The application features state-of-the art technologies of Doctor Web implemented to detect and neutralize malicious objects that may harm your device and steal your personal data. Dr.Web uses the Origins Tracing™ for Android technology that is used for detecting threats. This technology allows for detecting new families of viruses using the information from existing databases. Origins Tracing for Android can identify the recompiled viruses, e.g. Android.SmsSend, Spy, as well as the applications infected by Android.ADRD, Android.Geinimi, Android.DreamExploid. Names of threats detected by Origins Tracing for Android are marked as Android.VirusName.origin.

    Application Components include:

    • Anti-virus Protection
    • Call and SMS Filter
    • URL filter
    • Dr.Web Anti-theft
    • Dr.Web Firewall
    • Security Auditor
    • Statistics
    • Quarantine
    • URL Shortening Service
    Application features.

    • Real-time protection of the file system (scanning of saved files, programs which are
    • being installed etc.).
    • Scanning of the whole file system of the device or files and folders selected by user.
    • Scanning of the archives.
    • Scanning of the files on SD card (or other removable media).
    • Detection of Windows autorun files.
    • Threats detection in the *.lnk files (defined by Dr.Web as Exploit.Cpllnk ).
    • Deletion of the infected obj ects or their isolation in quarantine.
    • Device unlocking if it is locked by ransomware.
    • Filtering the unsolicited calls and SMS using the predefined and custom black and white lists settings.
    • Dr.Web virus databases updates via Internet.
    • Statistics of the detected threats and performed actions, application log.
    • Detecting the device location or locking its functions in case it has been lost or stolen.
    • Restricting access to the undesirable Internet resources when using an embedded Android browser and Google Chrome, Boat Browser, Boat Browser Mini, Yandex.Browser, Opera and Firefox.
    • Scanning and shortening URLs.
    • Analyzing the security of the device and help in resolving the detected problems and vulnerabilities.
    • Controlling the Internet connections, protecting your device from unauthorized access and preventing leak of vital data through networks
    • ...etc

    A short review of Dr. Web Security Space 11 free protection for mobile device can be seen at the link below courtesy of our very own Malware Tester Der.Reisende HERE

    Dr.Web FAQ HERE

    Dr.Web Mobile Security Support Page HERE

    Home Page HERE

    Download Dr. Web Security Space 11 HERE

    Download Dr. Web Mobile Security for Android Trial HERE

    Download Dr. Web Security Space 11 User Guide HERE

    Download Dr.Web Mobile Security for Android User Guide HERE

    Download Dr Web Mobile Security for Blackberry User Guide HERE

    Dr. Web Security Space 11 Licensing Scheme for this giveaway contest
    Dr. Web has provided us 3 x 1 year Dr. Web Security Space 11 with free protection for mobile device (Android/Blackberry). Licenses are without technical support.

    To participate please follow these 4 simple GOLDEN RULES!

    1. Giveaway is open to all members.

    2. READ and LIKE the Dr. Web Security Space 11 review made by our very own Malware Tester Des.Reisende HERE.

    Answer the question below:

    "Name one of the Ransomware used to test Dr. Web Security Space 11 in Act III"

    Post your answers as giveaway/contest entry below alongside your social media share.

    Please see sample entry below.


    3. To show your gratitude and support to the developer please share this giveaway by pasting the code below in your Facebook/Twitter/Google+ Account


    Optional: You may want to like/follow Dr. Web Security Space 11's social networking sites as added support.





    4. Only one entry per IP is permitted.... what does this mean?
    If you are using a VPN/Proxy to enter into this giveaway this against our forum rules BUT I guess ultimately members will try BUT please note that if another member has also entered this same giveaway with the same VPN/Proxy before you did, then your entry will simply not be valid.

    How do you know if that VPN/Proxy IP has been used already for this giveaway?
    You don't BUT we do and your entry will not be accepted.
    I could just change my VPN/Proxy!
    Yes you can but are you sure another member hasn't used this service?

    Rules are pretty simple. To enter this contest you must comply with these above
    4 simple GOLDEN RULES to be considered as a valid entry.

    Only one entry per member per IP is permitted.

    Each winner will receive 1 year license of
    Dr. Web Security Space 11

    Winning member’s names will be selected by and once winner’s names have been posted winner's will only have 3 days to PM me to claim their prize and if I do not receive your PM within specified timeframe your win will be forfeited, sorry no excuses will be considered.

    You will only receive a PM-reply from me if you have claimed your prize within specified time frame.

    The Giveaways starts March 25, 2017 and
    ends on April 14, 2017

    Stay tuned for the next round of Dr. Web Security sponsored giveaway here at!

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    Giveaway is OPEN! Do follow the rules :)
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    GoldenEye Ransomware (Petya / Mischa follow-up)
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  12. jasonX

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    Will announce the winners shortly. Thanks all!
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    Hope you can advise those winners not to take part again to give other members fair chances to get the license if possible !
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    -- I have considered that a long time ago but did not apply it here. If I check out the other forums that apply that rule I see that they have many members and they have their own advocacy to follow. If I may...

    Rule # 1. Giveaway is open to all members.

    ..the former rule was,

    Those are the rules. Any member who join the giveaway/contests are assumed that he "understands/ and will follow the rules".

    Some forums block their members who have won a license from joining another giveaway from the same software developer, say, Emsisoft Internet Security and Emsisoft AntiMalware. Those who have won an EAM license cannot join anymore to have a chance to win an EIS license. That's in other forums NOT here.

    I am giving you all a FAIR chance to win and get what you want to win. Based on or by the developers/representatives choice -- in the case of the MakeUsLaugh Developer sponsored giveaway. Actually the rules are very lenient as compared to when I started the giveaways/contests.

    Actually (imho) its better that more join that just few instead of a low turn-out like the one with Daemon Tools Pro...remember that?

    If you take a look at those who join, I think majority of those who joined the giveaways are new here. That's how lenient I became. I let all of you join guys! It is I who only limits myself from joining because its me who run it here. Even if I wanted one badly and I will be the one who will run it I just take it as part of the job I do and I do this for free (for guardian and all of you guys who kept the light shining here..even when sick..I came back.)

    Also, I keep a tally of the winner's "winnings" in Microsoft Excel. I know who won what and when.

    Listed below are your winnings here at Tweakbytes Forum:

    AppGuard Pro (lifetime)
    WebrootSecureAnywhere AV (1 year)
    ON1 Photo 10.5 (lifetime)
    Incomedia WebSiteX5 Evolution 13 (lifetime)
    Incomdeia WebAnimator (lifetime)
    Zemana AntiLogger (1 year)
    Aimersoft DVD Creator / DVD Ripper (lifetime)
    Daemon Tools Pro 10 x 3 months -- remember this one and the email I sent you?

    So please..if I may, the next giveaways may or may not be the same as this Dr.Web giveaway/contest (and also with the other giveaway/contests hosted or are about to be hosted). I will take this as a "suggestion" BUT it will be in the rules IF I will adapt it or not the next time around.

    You can open up a conversation about it with me/Admin anytime.

    Thanks :)
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    Congratulations to the winners.
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    Thanks for all your support/understanding! Stay tuned for more here at Tweakbytes Forum!
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