Tweakbytes [Official] Diskeeper 16 PRO New Year 2018 Giveaway

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  1. jasonX

    jasonX Giveaways Moderator Staff Member



    We @ are very pleased to announce our
    Diskeeper 16 Professional New Year 2018 Giveaway


    We again would like to thank Condusiv Technologies for their kind generosity for sponsoring the licenses for this giveaway.


    Condusiv Technologies Diskeeper is the pre-emptive solution to the problem of fragmentation. Imagine a system that doesn't fragment data on the hard disk and requires no I/Os to handle fragmentation. Clean disks enables servers, workstation and laptops to operate at optimum speed, reliability and efficiency over time. Disks that are uncluttered by fragmentation can last years longer due to reduced drive wear, easing the strain on tight IT budgets and reducing total cost of ownership for hardware investments.

    Diskeeper has been the undisputed leader in keeping Windows systems running like new. Now, the introduction of Diskeeper 16 with DRAM caching builds on the powerful legacy of Diskeeper with this release that goes well beyond just keeping Windows systems running like new but actually guarantees to fix your worst performing physical servers or Windows PCs with faster than new performance or your money back for 90 days --no questions asked as assured by Condusiv Technologies!

    Diskeeper 16 with DRAM Caching

    Diskeeper 16's newest patented engine ensures large, clean, contiguous writes from Windows so fragmentation is no longer an issue for HDDs or SSDs. This eliminates the "death by a thousand cuts" scenario of small, tiny writes that inflates I/Os per second, robs throughput, and shortens the lifespan of HDDs and SSDs alike. Diskeeper 16 delivers dramatic improvements to Windows system performance with the new addition of dynamic memory caching --using idle DRAM to serve hot reads without creating an issue of memory starvation or resource contention.

    Diskeeper 16 - Now with RAM caching to speed up Windows computers

    Condusiv I/O reduction Software Overview

    Diskeeper 16 with Write and Read Optimizations

    Conventional/typical defragmentation utilities consume resources to operate and deal with fragmentation only after performance penalty has been incurred. Diskeeper 16's proactive solution solves the problem in real-time while running transparently in the background, eliminating fragmentation issues from occurring on HDDs, SSDs and SAN storage systems while also eliminating the IOPS inflation from many small writes and reads.

    Why Windows Built-in Defrag is Not Good Enough

    Why Fragmentation is Still a Problem with SSDs

    The real genius in Diskeeper's newest engine is that nothing has to be allocated for cache. Diskeeper dynamically uses only what is idle and available at any given moment and throttles according to the need of the application. If memory is "under-provisioned" and the application asks for more memory, the caching engine throttles back entirely. However, with as little as 3GB of available DRAM, latency is reduced by an average of 40% on production workloads.

    The net effect of both eliminated fragmentation and DRAM caching offloads a minimum of 30% of the I/O traffic on most workloads on commonly configured systems. Diskeeper has been developed to be transparent, "install-set-and-forget" software that operates with near zero overhead as a lightweight file system driver.

    Space Reclamation with Diskeeper: How It Works


    IntelliWrite® write I/O optimization technology prevents files from being fractured and broken apart into pieces, with each piece requiring its own I/O operation before being written to disk or SSD in a non-sequential manner.

    IntelliMemory® read I/O optimization technology intelligently caches active data from read requests using idle memory.

    InvisiTasking® intelligent monitoring technology allows all “background” operations within the system to run with near-zero resource impact on current activities.

    Benefit Reporting dashboard displays the dashboard reporting shows the actual "time saved" benefit on every system so the value is easily quantifiable and never in question. It also fragments eliminated and what that means to percentage of write and read I/O reduction and how much I/O time was saved on that system due to writing and reading files in sequential state as opposed to fragmented state. Also shows the percentage of all read traffic that is cached from the idle DRAM and what that means to time saved by serving reads from DRAM instead of the underlying storage device. See displays for free space consolidated and total I/Os removed from both read and write optimization and total time saved for any given period of time.

    I/O Performance Monitoring reveals key performance metrics like IOPS, throughput and latency. It reveals the amount of workloads processed on the local system for any given time period. It also provides very important memory usage information like the total physical memory and minimum/maximum/average of available memory and how much of that was used for cache. This helps administrators fine tune memory allocations to get the most from the IntelliMemory DRAM caching engine. If there is no sufficient available DRAM, users are not getting the best performance possible from Diskeeper.

    Analytics provides an hour-by-hour view form any time period to understand what is exactly is happening on the local system related to key metrics like workloads, read/write percentage, IOPS, throughput, I/O response time and benefits like write I/O reduction from IntelliWrite and read I/O reduction from IntelliMemory.

    Instant Defrag™ technology has been enhanced to monitor volumes to resolve critically fragmented files in real-time that are known to cause performance problems, making it SAN-friendly. This feature is turned off in the event of solid-state drives.

    HyperBoot® File Access Technology strategically moves files into a sequential order that minimizes the number of I/O request during the boot process.

    HyperFast® SSD Optimizer Technology produces faster performance in solid-state drives running on Microsoft operating systems. The HyperFast feature includes TRIM functionality and is enabled only if a solid-state drive is recognized.

    Terabyte Volume Engine® Technology engineered to rapidly defragment volumes with hundreds of thousands of files.

    Efficient Mode in addition to an extensive defrag mode, Efficient Mode offers the greatest net gain in system I/O resource savings ever available. It immediately targets and eliminates only fragmentation that directly affects system performance that is on the system before Diskeeper was installed since Diskeeper automatically prevents any new fragmentation after installation.

    Free Space Consolidation Engine swiftly consolidates free space and tightly integrates with Instant Defrag to handle new fragmentation as soon as it is created.

    Network Management Support ensures easy management of Diskeeper 16 settings and functionality across the network through the Diskeeper 16 Administrator edition or Group Policy.


    250MB of available hard drive space. IntelliMemory caching requires a minimum of 3GB of memory on the system and at least 1.5GB of idle, available memory before caching will initiate.


    Windows 7 and above for Client OS
    Windows Server 2008r2 and above for Server OS

    Diskeeper Professional 2016 Tutorial

    Diskeeper Professional Home Page

    Diskeeper 16 Online User Guide/Help Files HERE

    Diskeeper Official Support Link HERE

    Diskeeper 16 Professional Trial Download Link HERE

    Diskeeper 16 Professional licenses for this giveaway contest

    Condusiv Technologies has provided Tweakbytes Forum
    Five (5) lifetime licenses of Diskeeper 16 Professional
    for this New Year Giveaway!

    To participate please follow these 4 simple GOLDEN RULES!

    1. Open to all members except those who recently won in the TechSmith Diskeeper PRO Halloween 2017 Giveaway/Contest.

    2. Please answer the question below.

    "What feature of Diskeeper 16 Professional you like the most and WHY?"

    Post your answers as giveaway/contest entry below alongside your social media share.

    Please see sample entry below.


    3. To show your gratitude and support to the developer please share this giveaway by pasting the code below in your Facebook/Twitter/Google+ Account.


    Optional: Please like/follow Condusiv Technologies' social networking sites as added support.

    Condusiv Technologies on Facebook

    Condusiv Technologies on Twitter

    Condusiv Technologies on YouTube

    Condusiv Technologies on LinkedIn

    4. Only one entry per IP is permitted.
    If you are using a VPN/Proxy to enter into this giveaway this against our forum rules BUT we guess ultimately members will try. So please take note, that if another member has also entered this same giveaway with the same VPN/Proxy before you did, then your entry will simply not be valid.

    Rules are pretty simple . To enter this contest you must comply with these above 4 simple GOLDEN RULES to be considered as a valid entry.


    Each of the 5 winners will receive
    one (1) lifetime license of Diskeeper 16 Professional

    Winners will be selected by and once posted, all winners will only have 3 days to send a PM to claim their prize.

    Please include your details (Name/Email) in your PM claim.



    Prize will be FORFEIT if a PM claim is not received within the specified timeframe.

    Prize will be FORFEIT if a PM claim is "not confirmed".

    The Giveaways will run from

    December 26, 2017 to January 25, 2018

    Goodluck to all!!!


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  3. jasonX

    jasonX Giveaways Moderator Staff Member

    Members below cannot join this New Year 2018 giveaway/contest.


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  4. jasonX

    jasonX Giveaways Moderator Staff Member

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  5. jerzy6012.50

    jerzy6012.50 Valued Member Known Member
    "What feature of Diskeeper 16 Professional you like the most and WHY?"

    What I like the most is the super fast disk optimizer that provides accelerated computer performance and prevents shredding files simply set and forget.
    above all, I also like monitoring all operations in the background with minimal impact on system resources.
    thanks for the competition for this great program and the opportunity to win it.
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  6. Elijah Gale

    Elijah Gale Member

    "What feature of Diskeeper 16 Professional you like the most and WHY?"

    The main advantage (feature) of Diskeeper 16 Professional is the high performance and speed defragmentation. The program is easy to use.
    It operates in "configure-and-forget" which means I don't have to do anything periodically to defragment my hard drive, as I do now.
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  7. eufrasiox

    eufrasiox Member

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  8. LowcyGier

    LowcyGier Senior Member Silver Member

    In the program I like the feature the most: InvisiTasking®
    Because I like it when the programs runs in the background, not upsetting me with unnecessary notifications and when I don't feel the performance fall of my computer.
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  9. OSMAN

    OSMAN Member

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  10. Vikas

    Vikas Member

    Thanks for the giveaway.

    "What feature of Diskeeper 16 Professional you like the most and WHY?"

    I like the most the feature IntelliWrite.
    Because IntelliWrite fragmentation prevention is the best ground breaking technology that prevents the majority of fragmentation from ever occurring in the first place, strikingly improving system performance. The combined effect of IntelliWrite and Automatic Defragmentation will keep my system running at optimum performance in the most effective and efficient way possible

    I also like InvisiTasking. Diskeeper 16 Professional has near-zero resource impact on current activities due to InvisiTasking® intelligent monitoring technology.
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  11. Toffin

    Toffin Initiat3

    "What feature of Diskeeper 16 Professional you like the most and WHY?"

    I like Diskeeper 16 because it can strongly optimize my SSD disk

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  12. dinosaur07

    dinosaur07 Senior Member

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  13. Gdant

    Gdant Senior Member Known Member

    Thanks for the giveaway.
    Diskeeper 16 Pro best feature is DRAM caching that intelligently caches the frequently used data on RAM and thus making access to data faster. Also, IntelliWrite feature which is equally important to optimize performance of PC by preventing any fragmentation of data on disk. My PC has HDD with 5400 RPM which is very slow in handling many tasks, after installing Diskeeper 16 the performance got increased by 1.3x times as measured. The number of I/O operation cached into RAM was 10,00,000 which made my PC run like better RPM HDD.
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  14. KevinYu0504

    KevinYu0504 Initiat3

    "What feature of Diskeeper 16 Professional you like the most and WHY?"

    I had use the Diskeeper before , the most impressed thing for me is the Diskeeper no need user to setting or disk reorganization by manual ,
    it almost full auto !
    Thier IntelliWrite function is amazing , i do not see any other software have it ,
    IntelliWrite can reorganization your disk even you are still using your PC ,
    you have no need to stop your work or wait few hours for disk reorganization .

    And it also support HDD and SSD , it can auto detected your device is HDD or SSD ,
    so no need to worry like the tradition Disk reorganization software may damage your SSD life .
  15. bart

    bart Junior Member

    I like the most this feature: InvisiTasking intelligent monitoring technology allows all “background” operations within the system to run with near-zero resource impact on current activities.
    Thanks for the contest.
  16. toffee

    toffee Senior Member Known Member

    Thanks for the giveaway!
    I like the most FragShield.
    Fragmentation of the MFT (Master File Table), the virtual table of contents of the disk, and the paging file (disk expansion of RAM) causes crashes, "freezes" and system locks. FragShield prevents the fragmentation of these critical areas thus eliminating the main cause of the above symptoms.
  17. kubik67

    kubik67 Junior Member

    "What feature of Diskeeper 16 Professional you like the most and WHY?"
    I like Diskeeper 16 Professional automatic defragmentation of hard disks because it is not necessary to create a schedule, edit it and generally think about it.
    It is like a planner, but he's built and decide when you need to get to work.
    Diskeeper is always in standby mode, system resources will be utilized only when your PC is idle, that is, the program does not interfere in the work. Thus, the performance of the hard drive will always be at a high level, as in the case of fragmentation, all problems will be immediately eliminated.

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  18. Raka Daku

    Raka Daku Member

    I like the realtime defragmentation as its proactively eliminates performance robbing fragmentation. I would like to win it to keep the hard disk tuned & faster system.
  19. memeke

    memeke Member

    "What feature of Diskeeper 16 Professional you like the most and WHY?"

    Diskeeper 16 Professional is a wonderful hard disk utility, which can prevent file fragmentation and optimize drives regularly, especially intelliWrite is more useful for traditional hard drive. I like it. thanks.
  20. maoxu

    maoxu Member

    What feature of Diskeeper 16 Professional you like the most and WHY?

    The most important feature of the Diskeeper Pro is high speed and efficiency, it provides the ablity to continually optimize hard disk with accelerated I/O performance. which help me to obtain faster operational performances when I use my personal computer.
  21. corker

    corker Member

    I had no luck last time so I figured I'll give another spin.

    The thing I like the most from Diskeeper I think is not really a particular technical feature but it's more like the discretions Condusiv Technologies has made, in that a Diskeeper user is able to utilize Diskeeper on either machines with SSDs or HDDs, compared to SSDKeeper which is SSD-exclusive. Not to mention a single license works for up to three machines. Hence, Diskeeper can be installed on a combo of an HDD desktop, an SSD desktop and an SSD laptop.

    My share

    Thank you in advance!
  22. aiqingsh

    aiqingsh Initiat3

    Many thanks to you.
    Diskeeper is a really powerful and professional defragmenter software with DRAM Caching. My favourite features are IntelliWrite and IntelliMemory read I/O optimization technology. Diskeeper can help me extend the lifespan of my hard disk and accelerated performance for my PC.
  23. jasonX

    jasonX Giveaways Moderator Staff Member

  24. jasonX

    jasonX Giveaways Moderator Staff Member


    Tweakbytes [Official] Diskeeper 16 PRO New Year 2018 Giveaway





    Raka Daku



    Please include your details (Name/Email) in your PM claim.



    Prize will be FORFEIT if a PM claim is not received within the specified timeframe.

    Prize will be FORFEIT if a PM claim is "not confirmed".


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  25. toffee

    toffee Senior Member Known Member

    Thank you and congratulations to other winners!
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  26. Raka Daku

    Raka Daku Member

    Congratulations to the winners
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