Tweakbytes [Official] AppGuard Pro Lifetime License Giveaway Part 2

Discussion in 'Expired Official Giveaways' started by jasonX, Mar 21, 2017.

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  1. jasonX

    jasonX Giveaways Moderator Staff Member


    We @ are very pleased to announce our second
    AppGuard Pro – 5x Lifetime Licenses Giveaway!


    First I would like to thank Blue Ridge Networks for their kind generosity for donating the licenses for this giveaway.

    Overview of AppGuard

    Blue Ridge Network’s AppGuard uses an approach that is dissimilar to traditional antivirus methods protecting systems and networks against attacks from malware, viruses, zero-day attacks, phishing, and ransomware. Traditional antivirus solutions focuses more on detection, scanning, signature creation, and updating, AppGuard keenly focuses on isolation and containment, memory protection, malware execution prevention, and application control.

    AppGuard is the only true multi-layer defense that stops all variants of ransomware. Even if the ransomware is signed with stolen certificates keys, AppGuard protects the endpoint, preventing the potential damage and cost of extortion. With pre-execute control, even the most sophisticated drive-by-download-initiated ransomware will not be allowed to start. The attack is halted at the earliest stages. If the ransomware is signed with digitally stolen certificate keys, AppGuard’s post-run application controls contain the ransomware, preventing it from altering user’s critical files on the system or spreading to other computers. AppGuard provides protection from attacks, regardless of the method of distribution. Security choices are never made by end users, so even opening a link containing malware will do no harm and allow the user continued use of the application. These types of attacks are stoppable – by AppGuard.


    AppGuard enforces three (3) settings. The first is the "Locked Down". This is the most secure level, and the one recommended for browsing untrusted sites, preventing any installations or updates from the internet. Any applications, signed or unsigned, are blocked from running in this setting. The next level is "Medium" (Recommended for most everyday use.), which allows for automatic updates on programs/applications which you enter in the “Guarded Applications” list. The most widely deployed and commonly used applications, such as Microsoft Office and Adobe Reader, are added to this list by AppGuard during install. All programs and applications inside the list that you create in “Guarded Applications” are MemoryGuarded, which means they cannot access another application or process’s memory.

    The last and final setting is called "Install". As the word implies "Install level" is the setting/config required to install or update most applications on the system or network. MemoryGuard feature is disabled here (in contrast with Medium level) to allow installation or update programs to work and modify file system, registry, and memory settings needed at installation time. If you select this level there is a default setting that will automatically resume medium level after a specific period of time.

    There are advanced settings/customizations beyond the default levels of Locked Down, Medium, and Install. These allow the user to add new guarded applications, edit existing settings on currently guarded applications, and add applications of specific publishers so they can run unguarded (similar to white listing), among other options.

    AppGuard is fully compatible with all Windows versions (Windows XP to Windows 10) and popular browsers, and greatly compliments common antivirus software and intrusion detection systems (IDS) that may already be installed in the user’s environment. Blue Ridge Networks advocates the use of antivirus software to scan systems at certain time intervals as a normal maintenance routine, as well as the usage of firewalls. Both are good overall security practices.

    For this type of layer security approach, AppGuard provides options for these applications to be set as a “Power Application” via the customization settings. Placing any application in the “Power Application” list will effectively disable AppGuard from controlling or monitoring them. This is a sort of an "exclude application" so these application will continue to perform their pre-defined function of protecting you whilst running aside AppGuard.

    AppGuard in action via YouTube video.

    New AppGuard Licensing Schemes
    For those who are using or have been using AppGuard, they know that it is a lifetime license and perpetual. There are some changes to that effect. This information is directly from the Blue Ridge Networks Product Management.

    The current version is AppGuard version 5.2 and it is now an annual subscription license. All future AppGuard consumer releases will now be subscription-based AppGuard Personal. AppGuard Professional ver4.4.6.1 which carries a lifetime license usage but not perpetual. Meaning there will be no free planned free-upgrades to this ver4.4.6.1. Minor/Major updates may or may not be considered at this time.

    For this giveaway Blue Ridge Networks Product Management has provided us 5 licenses for AppGuard Professional ver4.4.6.1 which as explained above is a "lifetime license". The winners can avail of upgrades to version 5.2 via a special link that will be provided by Blue Ridge Networks Product Management. The information will be made available to the winners.

    You can download AppGuard and other related info below.

    AppGuard 4.4 Install Package HERE

    AppGuard 4.4 User Guide HERE

    User Guide Info Links HERE

    AppGuard Personal Features HERE

    AppGuard FAQs

    AppGuard Support Info HERE

    If you have additional questions about advanced settings, send your questions to [email protected]

    To participate please follow these 4 simple GOLDEN RULES!

    1. Contest is open to all members.

    2. To join in just answer the question,

    "WHY do you want to win an AppGuard Pro lifetime license?"

    Please see sample entry below.


    3. To show your gratitude and support to the developer please share this giveaway by pasting the code below in your Facebook/Twitter/Google+ Account[


    Optional: You may want to like/follow Blue Ridge Networks AppGuard social networking sites (below) as added support.

    AppGuard on Facebook

    AppGuard on Twitter

    AppGuard on GooglePlus

    4. Only one entry per IP is permitted.... what does this mean?

    If you are using a VPN/Proxy to enter into this giveaway this against our forum rules BUT I guess ultimately members will try. BUT please note that if another member has also entered this same giveaway with the same VPN/Proxy before you did, then your entry will simply not be valid.

    How do you know if that VPN/Proxy IP has been used already for this giveaway?
    You don't BUT we do and your entry will not be accepted.
    I could just change my VPN/Proxy!
    Yes you can but are you sure another member hasn't used this service?

    Rules are pretty simple . To enter this contest you must comply with these above
    4 simple GOLDEN RULES to be considered as a valid entry.

    Only one entry per member per IP is permitted.

    All 5 winners will each receive one (1) lifetime license of
    AppGuard Professional ver4.46.1

    Winning member’s names will be selected by and once winner’s names have been posted winner's will only have 3 days to PM me to claim their prize and if I do not receive your PM within specified timeframe your win will be forfeited, sorry no excuses will be considered.

    You will only receive a PM-reply from me if you have claimed your prize within specified time frame.

    The Giveaways starts March 31, 2017 and
    ends on April 20, 2017

    Stay tuned for the next round of Blue Ridge Network’s sponsored giveaway here at!

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  3. jasonX

    jasonX Giveaways Moderator Staff Member

    GIVEAWAY IS NOW OPEN! Please follow the rules!
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  4. LowcyGier

    LowcyGier Senior Member Silver Member

    I want to win a license for AppGuard because it provides protection the operating system against malware. AppGuard is the perfect complement to other PC security software. AppGuard protects our computer with built-in security modules. AppGuard blocks zero day attacks and provides complete security while performing various Internet operations.
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  5. jerzy6012.50

    jerzy6012.50 Valued Member Known Member
    "WHY do you want to win an AppGuard Pro lifetime license?"
    I want to win this application for the protection of my system because it is the best application that can significantly increase my already existing protection I have, this application has privacy protection and memory protection that other security programs do not have this feature.
    Thanks for the contest and the chance to win this great program.
  6. jan13

    jan13 Initiat3

  7. ant_gamal

    ant_gamal Member

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  8. artoor

    artoor Moderator Staff Member

    JasonX, you rocks!
    Of course I'd like to win AppGuard - why? This is a top notch anti-exe software that provides the best security out there. I generally can use it without any other security software, though, BlueRidge suggest it is good to use something... Please count me in, JasonX :)

    Here's my FB share

    Good luck!
  9. Joanna564

    Joanna564 Member

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  10. wallymick

    wallymick Member

    WHY do you want to win an AppGuard Pro lifetime license?
    I personally love how AppGuard works and i want to replace my current anti-exe who is not even close as good as AG......and not to mention its certifications, which are strong in the field of security.

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  11. lovesoft

    lovesoft Initiat3

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  12. VinDiesel

    VinDiesel Member

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  13. Lary

    Lary Initiat3

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  14. eufrasiox

    eufrasiox Member

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  15. Pivoman

    Pivoman Member

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  16. leojohnpc

    leojohnpc Member

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  17. bart

    bart Junior Member

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  18. Gdant

    Gdant Senior Member Known Member

    Appguard policy to prevent any type of process execution which can block any unknown threat makes it the best. They don't have any free version with at least basic protection and I want to keep monitoring my executables from harming my pc in any way.
    Thanks for the contest..
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  19. dinosaur07

    dinosaur07 Senior Member

    Hello TBTers. :)
    First of all, i would like to thankd to jasonX for this awesome giveaway.
    I want to win a license for Appguard Professional as this software is already a well known whitelistening anti-exe product with proven efficiency in defending us from all kind of malicious items we could encounter on the internet, making it to be a very good default-deny software.
    Below my share:

    Best of luck to all the participants,
  20. scot

    scot Member

    Thank you for this opportunity.

    "WHY do you want to win an AppGuard Pro lifetime license?"
    AppGuard helps to prevent malware attacks and any malicious code from running on your computer, without your knowledge.
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    SUPU KABI Member

    Thank You for the giveaway of this awesome product.

    AppGuard is the best software to protect our system from the new rising threats basically what we call now a days are ransomware which are attacking our systems a lot. AppGuard have the capability to stop all these kind of threats from attacking our system which are missed by our antivirus software. Basically it has a lot of feature and all are very useful so can't describe one but one thing I can say by installing this on your system you can make sure that your system is secure enough from the whole new rising threats. That's All...
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  22. grr

    grr Board Enthusiast Silver Member Known Member

    Thanks jasonX for the giveaway.

    "WHY do you want to win an AppGuard Pro lifetime license?"
    I want to win AppGuard Professional because of these features - memory protection, malware execution prevention, and application control. I can install this on my mother's laptop and configure it for no installs at all. This will help prevent any accidental installs done by my mother, given that she is not tech savvy. Also as this is a lifetime license, it's gonna be a install and forget case.

    My share below

    Followed AppGuard on Twitter

    PS: I have a question below for you, as I wasn't able to find an answer myself.
    Is there a change log available for AppGuard version 5.2?

    Thanks, Grr
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  23. wwd

    wwd Illustrator Silver Member

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  24. hakah

    hakah Junior Member

    Thanks for the Giveaway!
    AppGuard developed by Blue Ridge Networks uses a set of policy restriction providing advanced security without scanning and updates. It isolates and contains malicious code, allowing users to go online without concern about exposure to viruses and it will block any malicious code from executing itself. With this specific feature, I would like to equip with this software and hope to win this license to have a trial on it.
    Like link on{"tn":"R"}

    Facebook sharing link :
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  25. jasonX

    jasonX Giveaways Moderator Staff Member


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  26. jasonX

    jasonX Giveaways Moderator Staff Member

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