Starting Today, Google Chrome Will Show Warnings for Non-Logged SSL Certificates

Discussion in 'Tech news' started by silversurfer, May 2, 2018.

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    Starting today, the Google Chrome browser will show a full-page warning whenever users are accessing an HTTPS website that's using an SSL certificate that has not been logged in a public Certificate Transparency (CT) log.

    By doing so, Chrome becomes the first browser to implement support for the Certificate Transparency Log Policy. Other browser makers have also agreed to support this mechanism in the future, albeit they have not provided more details.

    This new policy was first proposed by Google engineers in 2016, and was scheduled to enter into effect in October 2017, but was later delayed for 2018.

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    Good update, in my opinion Chrome is the most secure browser avalaible. The only downside is it's very heavy on RAM. SandBoxie Free (settings modified) + Chrome with HTTPS Everywhere and uBlock Origin is always a good combo for surfing the web.
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