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    Dear Awesome TbT Members,

    This Forum is a "locked" Forum, which simply means: that you are not allowed to freely post in here. Only pre-approved content will be allowed in this Forum. This Forum will stay this way until further notice. This Forum is for Software Reviews/Tests only.

    Please do not attempt to "POST ANY CONTENT" into this forum, unless you have written permission from myself to do so, in which case, the pre-approved content will still have be reviewed and approved by TbT Staff before it is made public. From here on out, any attempts to "post" any content into this Forum that has not been pre-approved will be deleted. You will only be given one warning, and you may be subject to further action(s).

    Please also be aware that attempting to "post" any of the following content, is not only a VIOLATION of this Forum's Rules/Policies, but also a VIOLATION of TbT's Rules/Policies:
    (a) Copyrighted Content.
    (b) Plagiarized Content.

    We take copyright violations and plagiarism very seriously, and will not tolerate such actions on this site. These types of actions could also result in legal/law enforcement action(s) being commenced against you. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!

    Thanks for listening and reading!! :)

    With Warm Regards,
    "Software Reviews Forums Moderator"
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