Set a custom Recycle Bin size on Windows

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    All versions of Windows include a Recycle Bin to store deleted files. The main idea behind the Recycle Bin is to provide users with options to restore deleted files provided that they are still stored in the Recycle Bin.

    Files are not necessarily gone when they get deleted in the Recycle Bin as they may still be recovered by using recovery tools such a Undelete My Files or Recuva.

    Each system volume maintains its own Recycle Bin complete with individual space limits and behavior.

    The Recycle Bin may take up Gigabytes of space and while you can recover the space by clearing the bin, it is going to be filled up again the moment the operation completes.

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    A friend ask me this sometime ago and I did know how. I will send her a link :) Nice timing TRIM!
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