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    SecureAge Technology


    SecureAge Technology is a world-class IT company focusing on security software which provides data protection solutions that help, prevent, and shield governments and enterprises from all possible breaches. Founded in 2003 by its founder Dr. Teow-Hin Ngair, Ph.D., SecureAge Technology has developed and refined PKI-based data security products making it easy/transparent to any user or any large corporation/installations. SecureAge security solutions provide organizations complete control and visibility of data movement within their networks, while at the same time making sure that the user/organization operational workflow isn't affected or disrupted. In 2013, SecureAge Technology developed a powerful application whitelisting solution for enterprise so effective it paved the way for its release for home users as well. From there, SecureAplus was made available for the home and personal security solution. Today, SecureAge Technology is at the forefront of providing total data security for government and enterprises from the most advanced/persistent cyber threats as well as providing pioneered/innovative security solutions to individuals and organizations.

    SecureAge Technology is headquartered in Singapore and has offices in North America and Japan.

    More Info about SecureAge Technology HERE

    SecureAge Technology Products


    Enterprise Security Software

    The SecureAge Security Suite: Enterprise Security with SecureAge Suite
    SecureAge enterprise security solutions keep data safe through powerful encryption – every file, every place, every time. Done right, SecureAge encryption doesn’t interfere or intimidate.

    SecureAge SecureData provides transparent and automatic file and folder data encryption of individual files at their inception and without user deliberation, action, or even awareness. Inherent and Invisible PKI encryption protects the data whether leaked, lost or stolen. Furthermore, integrated application whitelisting and application binding features combat any viruses, malware, zero-day attacks or APT (Advanced Persistent Threats) that would lead to data breaches in the first place.


    File Level Data Encryption. SecureData data incorporates a smart, highly flexible, policy-based and end-to-end encryption solution that protects your data files and folders from data leaks across all types of storage media. Real security requires file level encryption, the simple way it should have always been.

    Application Integrity. Protection against APT (Advanced Persistent Threats), Sniffers, and threats such as Man-in-the-Middle attacks and Zero-Day vulnerabilities require Application Integrity. SecureData ensures the integrity of the encrypted files at the application layer with Application Whitelisting and Application Binding.

    • Automatic File and Folder Encryption
    • Application Whitelisting
    • Application Binding

    More Info on More Info on SecureData HERE

    SecureData YouTube Video

    SecureEmail is a policy-based End-to-End Email Encryption. It is Email Encryption made easier and smarter. An indispensable communications tool for organizations, Email generates the largest volume of new data and is most susceptible to digital threats. SecureAge SecureEmail covers Email security in transit and in storage protecting against eavesdropping, modifications to the network line, and unauthorized access to servers and backup drives.


    Real security is Inherent and Invisible and works despite our human flaws; confidential emails are mistakenly sent to unauthorized recipients and dangerous files find their way in. Enterprises need email encryption security solution that goes above and beyond traditional protection measures to provide security for Every File, Every Place, at Every Time with little or no effort on the everyday user's activity.

    • Automatic File and Folder Encryption
    • Application Whitelisting
    • Application Binding

    More Info on More Info on SecureEmail HERE

    SecureEmail YouTube Video

    Files Securely Signed, Sealed and Delivered. SecureFile is a comprehensive PKI-based document security solution that secures mission-critical files with 256-bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) file encryption and digital signing. Selected files are protected from unwanted tampering and interception to ensure privacy, integrity, and authenticity.


    • Securely Sign and Encrypt Any File
    • Securely Pass Documents
    • Securely Delete Without Leaving a Trace
    • Built-in Key and Signature Management

    More Info on More Info on SecureFile HERE


    SecureDisk creates and manages virtual disks with volume encryption using either Triple-DES or 256-bit AES encryption algorithms on any Windows computer. All files stored in the secure disk volume are encrypted and fully protected and entirely hidden from view. Volumes can be mounted across network for secure file transfer and protection. All of the benefits of Full Disk Encryption (FDE) are yours, but with the flexibility of multiple volumes at sizes of your own choosing. Files written and read from secure disk volumes are automatically encrypted/decrypted without additional actions from the user.


    SecureAge SecureDisk enables PKI-based authentication and access control with default 1024/2048-bit public key and 168/256-bit encryption algorithms. Only PKI authenticated users are able to decrypt files stored in the encrypted disk volume. There is no "fixed key" unlike other password based encryption systems, thus adding/removing/changing of user groups will not affect/compromise security.

    • Easily Create and Mount
    • Easily Encrypt and Decrypt
    • Easy Authentication and Access Control
    • More than Full Disk Encryption

    More Info on SecureDisk HERE

    SecureAge Hardware for Enterprise Security

    Security Management Server
    The Security Management Server enables enterprises to centrally control all SecureAge software deployment, provides central policy control, audit logs, whitelist and key management for the SecureAge Security Suite, including SecureData, SecureEmail, and SecureAPlus. With SecureAge a client-based suite, the Management Server doesn’t authenticate or act as a gateway. Rather, it creates, issues, and manages certificates, keys, and policies; collects log files from client machines for forensic analysis and review; and pushes updates.


    SecureAge Security Management Server gives you:

    • Simplified deployment of software licenses and updates from the assigned server to any connected device.
    • Automatic detection of user's individual environment to assign appropriate updates and flag potential issues.
    • Grouping of users to define better functionality and controls.

    More Info on Security Management Server HERE

    SSL VPN for Enterprise
    Safe Connections Wherever, Whenever. SecureAge Enterprise SSL VPN is a reliable, easily deployed security solution that allows users to remotely access corporate networks and resources using well-established SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology. The SecureAge SSL VPN is optimized for the SecureAge environment and enables secure remote access to your network from any endpoint device, including laptops, PDAs and smartphones. SecureAge SSL VPN provides a unique private network, isolated safely where your data is safe and away from prying eyes. Without too much tinkering, the peak performance hardware can run over either SSL or IPSec. Combining Secure VPN with the SecureAge Security Suite offers an entirely impregnable, unpolluted and secure network/system.


    More Info on SSL VPN for Enterprise HERE

    SecureAge Data Diode System
    The SecureAge Data Diode System provides a complete solution that encompasses both hardware and software. SecureAge Data Diode ensures that secure data flows only in the direction you specify, pushing data cleanly between open and closed networks comprised of the File Transfer System (FTS), Information Broker (IB), and Universal AV (UAV). SecureAge Data Diode System provides complete security for Enterprises wanting an Air-Gapped Security network because it secures both secure and insecure networks safely securing transition of data.


    The File-Transfer System, Information Broker, and Universal AV form a complete security ecosystem optimized for Data-Diode hardware. The SecureAge Data Diode System also supports Data-Diode devices from a wide range of hardware providers. The File-Transfer System, Information Broker, and Universal AV can easily work on "any" Diode-Proxy configuration.

    More Info on SecureAge Data Diode System HERE

    Personal Security Solutions


    SecureAPlus combines application whitelisting and antivirus components to protect you from known and unknown malware at the most efficient way. SecureAPlus does what other conventional antivirus/security application cannot do which is to block any new/advanced malware regardless of how they try to evade detection. It is the next generation antivirus/security suite that "truly" protects you! SecureAPlus' application whitelisting complemented by up to 10 cloud-based anti-virus engines to stop anything – viruses, malware, ransomware – from invading your system.

    SecureAPlus’ Universal AV consists of more than 10 antivirus engines in the cloud such as AVG, Avira, and McAfee. SecureAPlus has (1) SecureAPlus Freemium, (2) SecureAPlus Premium, and (3) SecureAPlus for Business, and (4) SecureAPlus for Android.
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    SecureAPlus Freemium
    is a free security software developed by SecureAPlus that protects PCs from malware & viruses with its powerful but easy to use Application Whitelisting and reliable detection rates of more than 10 cloud Anti-Virus engines with Universal AV. It leverages the power of the cloud allowing for low resources used and compatibility with other installed anti-virus and anti-malware applications, making it the perfect security upgrade for any Windows PC.

    SecureAPlus Freemium is free to use for a year (365 days) and once the license is up, users can choose to either purchase premium or extend freemium license via SecureAPlus referral program known as Viral Security Program. Users can extend their Freemium license for free by earning points through sharing about us on social media or writing a review about us. The points can then be exchange to extend the duration of the license (e.g. 30 days, 90 days, 180 days or even perpetual license).

    Free Extension of SecureAPlus Freemium for Everyone

    SecureAge Ambassador Program


    SecureAPlus has its Universal AV which is a 10 Cloud Antivirus in one. Universal AV allows SecureAPlus to combine the detection rates of up to 10 industry standard cloud Antivirus engines – enabling detections to be diagnosed from multiple trusted sources instead of just one. This substantially lessens the instance of accidentally deleting or quarantining a perfectly safe file, otherwise known as a false positive.

    More than 10 antivirus engines are active all the time to protect against virus and malware without consuming a lot of your computer’s resources. SecureAPlus’ Universal AV consists of more than 10 antivirus engines in the cloud such as AVG, Avira, and McAfee. This is made possible by leveraging the power of the cloud to make SecureAPlus as fast and as light as it is potent.

    Fast Full System Scans with Cloud Antivirus Engines
    Immediately after installing, SecureAPlus will do an Initial Full System scan and whitelisting. Upon completion of this one-time process, subsequent Full System Scans with up to 12 cloud antivirus engines will be fast. Giving you more time to do more important things.

    AUTOMATIC SCANS & UPDATES. Automatic Scans & Updates of Cloud Antivirus
    SecureAPlus automatically scans your entire PC against new threats upon booting up and on a regular basis (every 4 hours) to ensure that every session is totally secure.
    Virus Definitions are also updated regularly from within the Universal AV servers so there is no need to worry about updating each and every one of the 10 cloud antivirus engines that protect your computer.

    Powerful On-Demand Scanner with Integrated Cloud Antivirus
    The SecureAPlus on-demand scanner can easily be accessed through right-clicking a file or folder you wish to be scanned. This initiates a virus scan of a file or folder against the Universal AV cloud antivirus engines in real-time for immediate results.

    More Info about SecureAPlus Universal Cloud AV HERE



    SecureAPlus puts total control of a Windows PC to you by stopping all untrusted processes when you launch it for the first time regardless if this was initiated by you or automatically run in the background. By default, all cloud antivirus engines are active all the time, protecting against virus and malware without consuming a lot of your computer resources. This is made possible by leveraging the power of the cloud to make SecureAPlus as fast and as light as it is potent.

    Creating and maintaining the list of trusted files is usually a daunting manual task but SecureAPlus made it as easy as completing the initial application whitelisting and responding to subsequent prompts.

    SecureAPlus has 3 different whitelisting modes that you can choose from depending on the level of security you wish to have. The default Interactive Mode is a more hands-on approach by employing a “block-first-and-notify-you” way. Lockdown mode on the other hand is the ultimate endpoint protection for PCs. It simply blocks all untrusted applications without requiring your feedback for a totally secure session.

    NOTIFICATIONS AT A GLANCE. Application Control Notifications
    Application Whitelisting prompts in interactive mode require your input to block or launch a new untrusted application. Using the diagnosis from Universal AV and color coded elements, you can quickly & confidently decide on whether to trust and run the currently blocked file or continue to block it.

    For further adding information and weight to deciding whether to block or run, a check against the 2nd opinion engines’ results can also be done directly from SecureAPlus Application Whitelisting prompts and eliminating the need to manually upload the file to the online service.

    More Info about SecureAPlus Application Control and Whitelisting HERE
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    100% Protection Against Executable Ransomware.
    With up to 10 cloud antivirus engines using Universal AV, SecureAPlus gives you the widest coverage possible to reliably count when it comes to detecting known ransomware (Identified Ransomware Strains). Application Whitelisting simply blocks anything and everything that is not trusted by the user. Advanced ransomware (Zero Day /Unidentified Ransomware Strains) never stood a chance if it needs to run.

    Ransomware protection starts with being in control. A crypto ransomware attack begins when it’s allowed to run an executable to start encrypting your precious files behind your back. SecureAPlus protects everyone from ransomware. SecureAPlus was granted Best +++, 100% Effectiveness Award from AVLab Ransomware Protection Test. This is the highest award given by AVLab in its 2016 Consumer Ransomware Protection test. This indicates that none of the 28* ransomware samples used in the test managed to infect the Windows 10 device with SecureAPlus installed. * Prevalent malware such as Cerber, CryptXXX, DetoxCrypto, Hitler Ransomware, HolyCrypt, Locky, Numecod, Petya, Jigsaw, Vipasana, Stampado and 16 other ransomware samples were used in the test.

    More Info on Ransomware Protection HERE



    Fileless Malware Attacks are becoming more prevalent as Endpoint Protection solutions have been veering from the sole reliance on signatures to detect threats. This change is a way for malware authors to find alternative ways of infecting their targets. Cyberthreats are getting better by the day with nigh-undetectable attacks that leave traditional signature-based protection powerless. 100% fileless -- meaning nothing is written on the target's disk and thus nothing to analyze while still being able to execute malicious actions.

    Command Line Scanner -- Protection Against the Most Rampant Fileless Attacks
    The Command Line Scanner adds an advanced layer of application whitelisting to an already secure setup provided by SecureAPlus. Common fileless attack vectors such as Powershell and the Windows Registry are covered and is further expanded against emerging threats with support for future updates.

    Cover Every Fileless Attack Vector
    Intermediate users such as IT Administrators and power users will relish the level of flexibility in adding Command Line rules. Command Line rules also come with the option to whitelist certain instances that normally fall under a given set rule but are known to be safe by advanced users.

    SecureAPlus was granted Best +++, 100% Effectiveness Award from AVLab Fileless Malware & Drive-by Download Protection Tests on October 2017. This is the highest award given by AVLab to SecureAPlus, alongside well established security software developers. The test conducted makes use of advanced techniques and practices of cyber criminals to stealthily infect systems with seemingly harmless commands or scripts that are processed by harmless and legitimate interpreters that lead to the insertion of malware payload and potential extraction of user data. SecureAPlus is also the only recipient of AVLab’s highest award during the Drive-by Download Protection Test under the solutions without firewall category. This is indicative of the high level of protection afforded by the solution as well as allowing the flexibility of working with other firewall solutions should any user already have or intend to have them.

    More Info on SecureAPlus Fileless Malware Protection HERE



    SecureAPlus Premium is the complete/advanced version of SecureAPlus Freemium (includes all features of Freemium) with added "premium features" such as multiple-machine/remote PC management, 24/7 Email alerts and priority support to name a few. Optional Policy Add-on which can only be used with a premium license can also be availed for a fee.



    Multi-PC Security Management. PROTECT MORE THAN ONE PC AT A TIME.
    Check the device security status of multiple PCs by simply logging into the SecureAPlus Account Portal. The list will show whether a PC with SecureAPlus Premium is safe or infected – perfect for securing computers at home and at work.

    Whether you’re a parent preventing installation of malicious programs on your child’s account, or a System Administrator who needs to approve an installation of a new program, SecureAPlus lets you do so anytime and anywhere from the convenience of the online portal via the Policy Control Add-On.

    All-Day 24/7 Premium Email Alerts. GET THE LATEST SECURITY ALERTS IN REAL – TIME.
    Immediately get notified via Email Alerts if one of your SecureAPlus Premium PCs are infected by a virus or malware. This effectively gives the proper mindset and a head start in securing the infected PC the next time you boot it up.

    Whether you lost your laptop or simply want to keep an eye of where your devices go and are used, Premium users can choose to turn on the Location tracking premium feature to get the last known IP address used to connect to Universal AV

    Priority Support & Scanning Exclusive to Premium Users

    SecureAPlus Premium Users scan requests are prioritized to help users decide whether to trust, block, quarantine, or delete an untrusted file.

    When premium users need help, they’re requests are served with higher priority. While Freemium Users are free to ask for help, those are served after all premium requests have been responded to.

    More Info on Premium Features HERE
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    The Policy Add-On is meant for use in large deployments of SecureAPlus where diverse security settings are needed on different devices. This is usually the case for enterprise users who need to update and maintain security settings of devices in larger volumes. Whether it’s for securing enterprise endpoints or simply administering parental controls at home, the Policy Control Add-On ensures that you’re on top of PC security across multiple devices.

    SecureAPlus sports some powerful but optional PC management features that is meant to make endpoint security for enterprise deployments more powerful and intuitive to manage whitelist.

    Applying different SecureAPlus configurations to devices you manage is only a few clicks away. Save your setting configurations as a policy and easily apply them to another device or groups of devices, perfect for larger deployments of SecureAPlus.

    Protecting multiple devices is easier through a central whitelist that’s maintained centrally in the SecureAPlus portal. Allowing already approved & whitelisted files/applications on one device run unhindered on all other devices.

    More Info on Policy Add-On HERE



    Offline Scanning Engine

    For a fee users can upgrade their offline protection with one of the most reliable traditional anti-virus engines available to ensure that you are in safe and capable hands during those times when offline productivity is needed. The Avira detection engine on -hand alongside the SecureAPlus always-on Application Whitelisting for total confidence in blocking without a connection to the internet. Enjoy all the benefits of next generation security features from SecureAPlus and Avira’s tried and proven scanning engine without having in one program installation instead of installing them separately. The Avira engine is a Premium Add-On is an advance security solution alongside the other added features you get from buying a Premium license. It is not connected to Application Whitelisting which may mean potentially multiple prompts and may also consume more resources instead of having just one.


    Avira, a household name in the antivirus industry, continues to gather accolades in malware and virus detection garnering more than 20 awards from independent lab tests in 2016 alone. This latest integration allows users to enjoy the powerful application whitelisting and more than 10 cloud scanners, alongside the award-winning engine that now powers the new optional native anti-virus for SecureAPlus. The addition of the Avira powered anti-virus engine effectively adds the high level of detection rate that people have come to expect from the German headquartered multinational company without having to install and maintain two separate programs within a single system. The integration also makes application whitelisting and application control much more reliable in the event that Internet access is unstable or unavailable. The optional Avira powered offline anti-virus engine also marks the debut of the Add-On feature which allows SecureAPlus Premium users to further augment the security capabilities of the software depending on the level of security they wish to impose for enterprise environments or even for home use.

    More Offline AV Powered by Avira HERE

    See Related Article HERE



    SECUREAPLUS for Business


    SecureAPlus Application Control works wonder for business computers. Not only can you keep malicious viruses and malware at bay, with Lockdown Mode you can strictly prevent untrusted applications from being run and installed by unauthorized users.

    Secure Business with SecureAPlus. Highest Antivirus Detection Rates for Business. 10 cloud Anti-Virus engines FOR COMMERCIAL USE
    SecureAPlus is allowed for commercial use regardless of which version you are using. So if you running a tight ship, you can make do with installing SecureAPlus Freemium and get all 12 cloud antivirus engines protecting all your computers for the highest detection rates and low performance drain.

    The SecureAPlus portal lets business owners manage any number of Windows PC with SecureAPlus Premium installed. Choose to either check the security status online or get notified immediately via email. Take security further with SecureAPlus Premium using Location Tracking to ensure that office computers and laptops can be found when lost or stolen as long as they remain connected to the web.

    While SecureAPlus is accessible by end users, it’s also great at handling security in an enterprise environment. Alongside SecureAge Technology’s Management Server, IT Administrators can easily monitor, update and push approved whitelists to ensure safety and encourage maximum productivity. SecureAPlus is also available for Server Editions of Microsoft Windows and for cases where you need to protect key machines that drive your business.

    More Info on SecureAPlus for Business HERE
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    SecureAge Technology showcased its robust software and hardware solutions designed to protect government agencies, private corporations, and small/medium enterprises (SME) at the recent GovernmentWare 2017 (GovWare). Dr. Ngair Teow-Hin, CEO of SecureAge Technology, delivered a keynote on the subject matter under the Emerging Security Technology. GovWare is the foundation event for the inaugural Singapore International Cyber Week. Featuring multiple tracks on the latest trends in technology, organizational implementation and user perspectives, GovWare regularly attracts the best practitioners to meet, network and discuss the things that truly matter in Cyber Security.

    SecureAge Technology Cyber Security Solutions at GovWare 2017


    SecureAge Technology exhibited in the biennial INTERPOL WORLD 2017 showcasing its lineup of cyber security solutions catered to the needs of the security organizations around the globe. Leading the lineup of enterprise solutions is SecureData, SecureAge Technology's answer to persistent data breach that has plagued various organizations around the globe.

    SecureAge Technology Exhibiting at the Singapore Interpol WORLD 2017

    SecureAPlus for Subscription Plans



    SecureAPlus Latest Version Release

    SecureAPlus Version 4.7.8 Date: 8 Jan 2018

    What’s New:

    • Enable compatibility for Microsoft product update to fix Meltdown and Spectre bugs.
    • Bugs Fixed:
    • Temporary .ps1 file created by Powershell was not automatically trusted. This bug is started from v4.7.6.
    • Progress bar was not set to 100% after successful Avira’s signature update (,374.0.html).
    • Sometimes pop-up dialog cannot set to be at the top most dialog.
    • Modifications:
    • Refresh backup file indexing database every time Universal AV service started (e.g. after reboot).
    • Stop populating backup file index database once everything starts responding.
    • When user choose to delete a file, and the file no longer exists, do not show any error message.
    • Updated French and Traditional Chinese translation.

    SecureAPlus Release Notes HERE

    SecureAPlus Official YouTube Video


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