Save any webpage as a single file in Chrome or Firefox

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    SingleFile is a cross-browser open source extension for Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera to save any webpage you come across as a single HTML file.

    All modern web browsers come with options to save webpages; all you have to do is press Ctrl-S to save the webpage to the local system. While that works okay most of the time, it is not optimal for many use cases as a folder with required files is saved for each HTML document you save in the browser.

    Internet users have other options when it comes to saving webpages. From capturing screenshots of the entire webpage to using extensions like the excellent Mozilla Archive Format add-on. The latter is not compatible with Firefox 57 on the other hand.

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    Very nice share there. I almost often use scrolling screenshot but I also do save whole web pages and from time to time use CintaNotes Pro. Cheers!
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