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    TinyWall 2.1


    Download: https://tinywall.pados.hu/download.php


    TinyWall is a freeware and very light firewall application. TinyWall has a simple user interface, which can be opened through the context menu on the taskbar.
    There are several buttons avalaible in the context menu, the first one is an info button which displays the connection inbound and outbound; the second one is a small menu that let us to choose the mode of our firewall application: "Normal protection", "Block all", "Allow outgoing", "Disable firewall" and "Autolearn".


    "Normal protection" means that TinyWall, by default, blocks all applications to the internet, "Block all" mode blocks all inbound and outbound traffic, "Allow outgoing" mode let us to allow all outgoing connections, "Disable firewall" mode disables TinyWall firewall application, "Autolearn" mode means that TinyWall allows all traffic and remember the applications that use the network (if you exit learning mode, it add exceptions automatically, but those rules cannot be learned for "Special Exceptions"). Before entering the "Autolearn" mode it's absolutely RECOMMENDED to make sure that your PC is free of malware.


    Then we have the TinyWall Firewall Settings, which contain several options: the "General" tab contains: "automatically check for updates", "prompt for exception details" (to see more details of the exeptions), "prevent modifications to hosts file", "enable global hotkeys", "enable blocklists" (which can be a port-based malware blocklist or a domain-based malware and ad blocklist), this option can be very useful for advanced users who want to get an advanced protection with TinyWall against malware. We can also set a "password protection" for our settings and configuration, there are a lot of languages avalaible.



    "Applications Exceptions" tab contains a list, which you can edit, of applications that you have granted network access, you can use "Detect" button to let TinyWall to detect automatically others applications, or you can add an application manually; you can also modify or delete applications in the list.


    "Special Exceptions" tab contains special applications and tasks that you can enable, for example "Filtered ICMP Traffic", "TinyWall", "Windows DHCP Client", "Windows DNS Client", "Windows Network Discovery", etc.


    The "Maintenance" tab contains "Import Settings" button, which can be used to import settings for the firewall, "Export Settings" to export the settings and configuration of the application, "Update" to search for updates, or "Visit webpage" to visit the official homepage of TinyWall.


    Then, with the "Connections" button, we can view active connections, open ports and blocked apps (in last 2 minutes). We can see for each entry several details: "Process (ID)", "Protocol", "Source port", "Local/Source address", "Destination port", "Remote/Destination address", "State", "Direction", "Timestamp". We can select from the checkboxes what we want to see or not: "Show active connections", "Show open ports", "Show blocked apps (in last 2 mins)". With the "Refresh" button we can update the entries in the table.


    The button "Elevate" permit us to elevate privileges to TinyWall, with the administration rights.

    "Unblock LAN traffic" is an option that allows network traffic from and to the local network. If you set TinyWall in "Normal" mode with this option unchecked, it will block all traffic except for whitelisted applications, instead, if "Unblock LAN traffic" option is checked, traffic from and to the LAN will be allowed by default even if TinyWall is set in "Normal" mode.

    "Enable blocklists" button let us to use our implemented blocklists (domain-based or port-based) to block malware and advertisements.

    The button "Whitelist by executable" permits to choose an executable application to unblock it and grant network access.

    "Whitelist by process" is the same of the previous one, but you can choose a process instead of an executable application.


    "Whitelist by window" let us to whitelist an application by clicking on the inner area of its window.

    CONCLUSION: TinyWall is a very small, light, useful and freeware firewall application.
    I think it can be a good addition for a free security configuration, if you are looking for a light and non-intrusive firewall software.
    The main interesting points, in my opinion, are the "Autolearn" mode, "Unblock LAN traffic" option, "Password Protection" to protect our settings and configurations and "Whitelist by executable" which is a very intuitive, fast and simple option.

    Thank you all! :)
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    I sent an email to the developer stating perhaps he can update TinyWall. Still waiting for a response though.

    Review on G+

    MTAC on G+
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    Very informative review! :great::clap:
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    Great review @Trim, thank you for your time and for sharing it!
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    I wish there was a shell integration and you could right click an executable or shortcut to allow or block connection.
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