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    Evorim Free Firewall

    Homepage: http://www.evorim.com/en/free-firewall

    Download (32-bit): http://www.evorim.com/download/freefirewall-x32-setup.exe

    Download (64-bit): http://www.evorim.com/download/freefirewall-x64-setup.exe

    Help with translation: http://www.evorim.com/en/translation


    Evorim Free Firewall is a completed, solid, simple and powerful freeware firewall. Evorim Free Firewall allows the users to allow or deny the permission of connection to applications; it also warns the user if an application makes an attempt to connect to the Internet without the user's permission.
    This feature can be really useful and powerful if we suspect an infection on our computer, because if a malicious program is attempting to establish an Internet connection maybe to a remote server (in case of DarkComet, Backdoors, etc.) we can block it until it manages to begin a connection.
    In practice with Evorim Free Firewall you have the full control of your network connection (Wi-Fi or LAN).

    In the main GUI of the software we can see all applications which can establish an Internet connection, we can remove an application from the list or we can block its access to the Internet simply with "Block" button.

    There are five tabs in the "Applications" tab: "All", "Active", "Inactive", "Blocked" and "Services".
    The tab "All" shows all applications under Evorim's control, the blocked applications can also be permitted, by clicking the button "Permit".


    The tab "Active" shows all applications/processes executed now or recently (within the last five minutes).


    The tab "Inactive" shows all processes of the user not executed recently (for five minutes or more time).


    The tab "Blocked" shows all applications and processes blocked for Internet connection at the moment.


    The tab "Services" shows us all processes which run under the account of the system or the processes that run as services.


    There are two main methods to set our Evorim Free Firewall: "Credulous" mode and "Paranoid" mode.
    "Credulous" mode consists in limit access to Internet to all unknown and not set or not regulated applications, this type of applications are marked with a grey background. This mode is a sort of a "secure" mode.

    The other mode is "Paranoid" mode, which I highly recommend for MTAC Analysis. "Paranoid" mode is the most secure mode, in practice only allowed applications (allowed by the user) can get access to the Internet. All other applications (unknown and not regulated/set applications) will not be able to establish an Internet connection.

    By clicking on "?" button you can see an explanation of all modes of Evorim Free Firewall.


    Another interesting feature is "Blockade" mode, which consists in this: all applications and all services are completely blocked from establish an Internet connection, according to their last configuration. If the "Blockade" mode is turned off, the previous rules are applied to the applications and services.

    At the right corner you can find the On/Off button to turn on and turn off the firewall function.

    Another tab of the program is "Extras" which contains settings to regulate our firewall.


    The settings are: "Prevent analysis services and user tracking on Web pages": this option guarantees the user's protection against calls to statistics and analysis services on websites. This analysis track the user in background.

    Then another setting is "Block Windows telemetry data", which allows us to prevent transmissions in background of telemetry data in Windows to the Internet.

    The last setting is "Protection against attacks from the Internet and remote access to data", which guarantees our protection against malwares and threats like Backdoors, RATs, DarkComet, keyloggers, password stealers, etc.

    Evorim Free Firewall prevents the malwares to connect to a remote server or establish a network connection to send stolen personal files and data from the hooked system. The firewall function closes all doors of the attacker.

    Then we can set Evorim Free Firewall according to our preferences with "Settings" tab.


    There are three options:

    • "Start program with Windows": allows us to start Evorim Free Firewall with Windows automatically.
    • "Turn off Windows Firewall": allows us to shut down Windows Firewall and let only Evorim Free Firewall to control the protection of our network; you can also disable that option, if you want, and then let that the two firewalls work together.
    • "Check for updates and notify": the program checks automatically for updates, if a more recent version was found then the software warns us to update Evorim Free Firewall.

    Finally you can also choose what language you want to use, there are 5 languages avalaible at the moment: English, German, Portuguese, Chinese and Romanian. You can contribute to the translation of the program with the link provided above.

    The tab "Program Information" tells us a lot of useful informations about the software.

    The last tab is "Help and Support" which contains help and more informations about software features and functions, and also applications information, such as the meaning of the different colors in the applications list, for example:

    • Grey: An application/service doesn't have a specified rule.
    • Green: An application simply has access to the Internet.
    • Red: An application/service which has blocked to access to the Internet.
    • Light blue: A service/process has unlimited access to the Internet.
    • Purple: A service/process which is blocked to get access to the Internet.

    h.png i.png

    My conclusion: Evorim Free Firewall is a freeware, powerful and really light firewall application. I really recommend it especially for MTAC Analysis. It has plenty of interesting features, for example botnets blocking, paranoid mode, Windows telemetry data blocking, etc.
    Evorim Free Firewall is a new software, but it is really promising so I suggest it to everyone; and with this review I want to demonstrate that it is a great software but also light and fast.

    Thanks to everyone! ;)
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  3. Der.Reisende

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    Awesome in-detail review, but still easy to read. Well done @Trim!
    Sounds like an interesting product, especially being able to run 2 FW next to each other is a novelty for me :)
    Thank you a lot for that good read :)
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  4. revC0de

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    Great and pleasant review @Trim !! :)

    It is a new security product, but it promises well for sure.
    I also like the fact that it offers additional features to protect our privacy.
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  5. jasonX

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    Thanks Trim for your review :)
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  6. jerzy6012.50

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    the program is impressive has a lot of features and is a useful feature.
    only a little little known on the market and can therefore interest in Soft is small, which is a pity because the applet can be on the truth worth our attention and interest.:D
  7. guardian

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    I am gobsmacked and so proud of you.... another fantastic review here by our good friend Trim.....

    mate this is an awesome review that has certainly given me some food for thought about considering this as a worthy free firewall consideration

    nice work !!!!
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    Thank you very much @guardian !! :D;)
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