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    Emsisoft is an IT company based in New Zealand which develops security products that are said to be highly efficient in protecting us from malware, while at the same time keeping a low profile in terms of consumed system resources. The company also brags about their security products as being bloat-free, which does sound appealing, to be honest. Their premium security suite is called Emsisoft Internet Security and it recently reached its version number 12. We’ve used and tested it, and now we’d like to share everything we liked and didn’t like about it. If you’re curious about Emsisoft Internet Security 12, read our review and you’ll know if this is the right product for you

    Pros and cons
    Emsisoft Internet Security 12 has a number of good things about it:
    • Its antivirus engine is very good at detecting and removing malware from your computer
    • The web shield is very efficient and won’t let you get near any dangerous website, regardless of the web browser that you use
    • The firewall module does a very good job at protecting you when using public networks
    • The user interface looks good and its design makes it very easy to use by anyone, on any kind of device, including devices with touch
    • Emsisoft Internet Security 12 has almost no negative effect on your computer’s performance
    But there are also a few things that aren’t that good about it:
    • The antivirus doesn’t have a proactive approach when it comes to removable drives
    • Having to manually scan such drives in order to clean them isn’t the best way to protect you
    • The firewall module is only average in effectiveness when connected to private networks
    • There are no additional tools included, neither good nor bad ones
    Full review
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