Project Zero Chains Bugs for ‘aPAColypse Now’ Attack on Windows 10

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    Google’s Project Zero released details of a local proof-of-concept attack against a fully patched Windows 10 PC that allows an adversary to execute untrusted JavaScript outside a sandboxed environment on targeted systems.

    The attack is a variation of a WPAD/PAC attack. In Project Zero’s case, the WPAD/PAC attack focuses on chaining several vulnerabilities together relating to the PAC and a Microsoft JScript.dll file in order to gain remote command execution on a victim’s machine.

    “We identified 7 security vulnerabilities in (JScript.dll) and successfully demonstrated reliable code execution from local network (and beyond) against a fully patched (at the time of writing) Windows 10 64-bit with Fall Creators Update installed,” wrote Project Zero researchers on the teams’ website Monday.

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