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    Please don't post on the beta forum if you are not participating in the beta testing.

    Installers are avaliable at:
    Cloud -
    Kaspersky Box -

    Can be activated only through Internet. Beta-license is valid for 90 days.
    Before installation of the new build, please uninstall the previous build (sometimes kavremover may be needed) and reboot the system

    Also, please have attention to https://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?s=&am...t&p=2638330

    Some tips and advices for novice testers:
    1) Do not proceed with testing without reading the instructions.
    2) All found bugs should be posted in the related topics so it would be wise to read their headers at first. Bug reports should contain all useful info (it will be clear after reading the instruction from p.1)
    3) The most convenient way to upload big files (traces or dumps): in .zip archive on OwnCloud. Also it's possible to upload it on FTP. (For access write to Ilya Zadonsky)
    4) Please register on the Beta bug-tracker(Redmine) too. It's possible to observe the status of all your bugs there
    5) Traces as well as app and driver verifiers are disabled in this build.
    6) This area of forum is not connected to Tech Support (Bugs of Beta-products are collected here)

    QAInfo Tool - testing assistant.
    Screenshot Hosting
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