How to open the Device Manager in Windows 10

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    Device Manager is a powerful administrative Windows tool to manage all connected devices. Microsoft uses the term devices for any hardware that is connected to the PC, from the motherboard and video card to external hard drives, the computer mouse, or monitors.

    The Device Manager gives Windows users control over these devices. Control includes options to check the status of any device, update, install or uninstall drivers, remove old and unused devices or look up devices that were connected to the PC in the past.

    One of the main issues that new users of Windows 10 face is that Microsoft removed the link to the Control Panel where the device manager was listed in. The Settings application includes a devices section but it does not link to the Device Manager or provide the same set of features.

    New users may not know that the Device Manager exists at all in Windows 10 while veteran users may need instructions on opening the device manager.

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    Yes that is a sad fact because Microsoft doesn't want us tinkering with settings and wants us to swallow what they set for us in default....This is also one of the reasons why I still use Classic Shell. Thanks for the info there :)
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