How to disable media autoplay in Microsoft Edge

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    Microsoft plans to ship major new features in the next version of Microsoft; one of the new features gives users control over media autoplay on the Internet.

    If you have access to a recent Windows Insider build, you may have noticed already that Microsoft Edge comes with a lot of improvements.

    One of the new options is a new control to configure autoplay rules for media. The default setting is to allow autoplay but you can modify it to block autoplay.

    Autoplay can be useful, for instance when you click on a video link as you'd probably expect the video to play automatically on the linked page. But there are also instances where autoplay can be annoying, for instance on sites that display it inside the main content or in the sidebar.

    Microsoft is not the first browser developer that introduces autoplay controls. Google added options to control audio and video playback (behind flags) to Chrome in 2018 and introduces automatic rules-based autoplay blocking later that year.

    Mozilla added HTML5 video autoplay blocking to Firefox in 2015, and extensions such as Autoplay Stopper added the functionality to various browsers as well.

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