Hide the volume on-screen display on Windows 10 devices

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    If you use a Windows 10 device with hardware volume buttons, a Surface by Microsoft for example or most laptops that run the operating system, you may have noticed that Windows displays a fixed on-screen display whenever you change the volume.

    Microsoft integrated the functionality in the Windows 8 operating system and kept it activated on Windows 10 devices.

    While some users may find the volume on-screen display useful, as it gives feedback when the volume up or down buttons are used on the device, others dislike the popup for a number of reasons.

    The biggest complaints that Windows users have about it are that it is displayed in a fixed position and that it cannot be disabled.

    The fixed position of the volume display means that it may be displayed on top of controls or information on the screen. There is little that you can do about this because you cannot modify the position of the display nor change the duration the volume popup is displayed.

    Full reading: https://www.ghacks.net/2018/08/26/hide-the-volume-on-screen-display-on-windows-10-devices/
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