GWX Stopper....What Is It?

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    Hello Netizens,

    If you've never heard of a little program called: GWX Stopper, then have I got some information for you, and if you have, then please bear with me.

    I happen to be a Licensed User of UnHackMe, and discovered this program through the UnHackMe Main Interface. This program is developed by "Greatis Software", which also makes the "UnHackMe" program.

    To download this program, please click here:, and then go down to where it says:

    It would be recommended to read this entire page, because it really describes how this program works. It basically disables all the components of the "GWX" (Get Windows 10) Update Nags.

    It really does not consume any RAM, nor does it consume other System Resources.

    You can also disable it by running the "GWX Stopper" program.

    And it's totally and completely free.

    Here's what "GWX Stopper" looks like when it is enabled and operating. This is it's current status on my blessed laptop. The first button located in the screenshot below is the important one. You can ignore the other three, as they are for other Greatis programs.

    When you first run the program it will not look like it does above, but it will display a "Red Unhappy Face" in the box above, and the first Button will say something like: "Always Block GWX from Running!" and right above this Button, it will say something like this, written in Black Lettering: "Status: Unprotected! Windows update can reactivate GWX again!"

    This little program also works in conjunction with "UnHackMe", so it would be good to have "UnHackMe", as well. You aren't required to have "UnHackMe" installed, however, as "GWX Stopper" is a separate program.

    So, there is some very helpful information, on how to get rid of a most obnoxiously, annoying, and irritating problem in the Windows 7-8.1 OS. :)
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  3. dinosaur07

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    Thanks BC2Tweak for this info. I`m currently using GWX Control Panel (another similar soft) for stopping the windows 10 upgrade bullshit. :p
  4. BC2Tweak

    BC2Tweak Reviews Moderator Staff Member

    You're welcome!! :)

    I find that there always turns out to be a way to defeat things like that, because someone finds a way!! ;)
  5. jasonX

    jasonX Giveaways Moderator Staff Member

    Great info there BC2Tweak as always you rock man!
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  6. BC2Tweak

    BC2Tweak Reviews Moderator Staff Member

    Thanks ye!! :D
  7. Optimum

    Optimum Member

    yay finally I am able to rid... thank you BC2Tweak ...
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  8. BC2Tweak

    BC2Tweak Reviews Moderator Staff Member

    No problem.....glad to have discovered that little program!! :D
  9. yarrix

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    yes a very useful piece of software .. going to get it .. thank you to BC2Tweak
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