Google Removes the Option of Installing Chrome Extensions via Remote Sites

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    Google announced plans today to gradually remove the option of installing Chrome extensions from a remote website, also known as an "inline installation."

    According to Google, this means that by the end of the year, users will only be able to install new Chrome extension only from their respective Chrome Web Store listings.

    ⥤ Starting today, inline installation will be unavailable to all newly published extensions. Extensions first published on June 12, 2018 or later that attempt to call the chrome.webstore.install() function will automatically redirect the user to the Chrome Web Store in a new tab to complete the installation.
    ⥤ Starting September 12, 2018, inline installation will be disabled for existing extensions, and users will be automatically redirected to the Chrome Web Store to complete the installation.
    ⥤ In early December 2018, the inline install API method will be removed from Chrome 71.

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