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    General Rules
    1. No Spamming.
    2. No Trolling.
    3. Do not harass staff about about our rules and conditions. IF you are considered to be harassing you may find your account banned for a period of time, further harassment could result in a permanent ban!!
    4. Do not spread Hatred amongst members.
    5. No Personal Abuses will be tolerated.
    6. Sexually Explicit Materials are not allowed to be posted.
    7. Warez, piracy and hacking materials are not allowed.
    8. Do not post links to warez or illegal or explicit sites even if you own it.
    9. You are allowed to have a link in your signature. The link should be your forum or a blog.
    10. Do not popularize your own forums or blog and harass members to join.
    11. Please do not ask any problem related help in chatbox as Chatbox is meant for socializing and general questions.
      If you have a question or query or problem please create a thread so that you can get more opinions and also others will benefit as they too may be facing the same problems.
      Please think? before you type.
    12. If you disregard these rules you will be warned 3 times, after 3 times if you have not learnt and continue to disregard these rules then you will be Banned.
    13. Simple rule just follow these simple rules please.
    14. If any extra licenses are being given away or requested for a user by another user please note you need at least 10 posts or 5 rep points or both. This is done so that active users are rewarded.
    15. We reserve the right to remove or modify any content submitted for any reason without explanation. You are not permitted to copy threads from or copy threads to other forums. Please keep Tweakbytes [TBT] content as original as possible.
    We trust that you will enjoy this friendly community that you now belong to :D

    Content from External Sources:
    • Don't copy someone else's work and present it as your own.
    • Content posted from an external source must be referenced properly with a link.
    • Even when you provide a link, do not copy and paste entire articles or web pages.
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