Download a free copy of DVD ripper for Windows 10 - DVD playback solution

Discussion in 'Tech news' started by insomnic, Apr 8, 2015.

  1. insomnic

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    I'm the type of person who likes buying favorite movies and TV shows on DVD discs, so it's a crying shame to remove the built-in DVD playback on Windows 10.:( I grabbed this DVD ripper for my Windows 10 software arsenal. Did anyone use this DVD ripper on Windows 10 yet?
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  3. Bala

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    I dont trust these WinXDVD companies and all. I always seems skeptical dont know why though. Although WinX is a more heard of name I generally use Linux to handle my conversion needs as I trust open source much more. It always seems such companies are dubious, I just cant say why, maybe gut feeling?
    Thanks for the share though insomnic.
  4. insomnic

    insomnic Junior Member

    I've been using their freeware WinX DVD Author for about two years, since I came across and downloaded from Softpedia (110,000+ downloads now). McAfee on my laptop haven't report any problem of this program yet. And I've tried several freeware in DVD authoring, but WinXDVD comes as the best owing to its fast and effective decode encoder engine. So for their DVD ripper, I'd like to give it a shot on Windows 10 Preview.
    Ditto! That's why I luv Linux.:D
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