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    One of the changes that Microsoft introduced in the company's Windows 10 operating system affected the appearance of scroll bars on the system.

    The default behavior hides scroll bars automatically in Windows. While that feature is limited to (mostly) Windows Store applications and not desktop apps, it affects all users as native apps like Settings use the system as well.

    Microsoft uses the term hiding and that is correct as the scroll bar is hidden automatically when a window becomes inactive.

    Activation, e.g. clicking on the window to make it the foreground window, does not display the full scroll bar but a smaller one. Only when you interact with the scroll bar is the full scroll bar displayed.

    While some users may find the feature useful, as it may display more information in a program window thanks to the extra bits of width for content, others may dislike it because it may be more difficult to interact with the scroll bar.

    You need to move the mouse over the scroll bar area and wait for a moment to expand it from thin to full, and when you move the mouse away it goes back to the thin version automatically.

    Full reading: https://www.ghacks.net/2018/07/16/disable-windows-10-hiding-scroll-bars/
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