Disable the Windows 10 "Hi" animation on first sign-in

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    If you install Windows 10 anew or upgrade to a new feature release, you are welcome to the new version of Windows by an animation on start that begins with "Hi".

    Windows 10 displays a number of screens afterward that may include "We're setting things up for your", "We've got some updates for your PC", "This might take several minutes", "These updates help protect you in an online world", and "Let's start!" before the actual desktop environment is loaded for the first time.

    You can turn off the first run animation for new users on the machine so that it is not displayed anymore. This won't really speed things up significantly as Windows still needs to perform background operations but since the screens that Windows 10 displays on first sign in are not really critical for anything, you could as well turn them off.

    Full reading: https://www.ghacks.net/2018/08/07/disable-the-windows-10-hi-animation-on-first-sign-in/
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