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    Microsoft integrated Adobe Flash natively in newer versions of the Windows operating system so that the built-in web browsers Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge can make use of it automatically.

    The approach offers some benefits: first that Microsoft is in charge when it comes to updates for Adobe Flash, and second that the browsers are compatible with Flash content out of the box.

    The downside is that Flash is not really super-secure as vulnerabilities are discovered regularly that require patching. While the patching is out of the hand of users, it still means that the integrated version of Flash has vulnerabilities.

    All of that will change in 2020 when Adobe retires Flash. Up until then though, Flash will remain integrated in Windows 8.1 and Windows 10, and it is up to the user or administrator to deal with it.

    The operating systems come without option to uninstall Adobe Flash. The only option that is provided is to disable Flash in the browsers or using system tools.

    While there are workarounds available to remove the built-in Flash entirely from a Windows machine, it is recommended that most users don't make the required modifications as it includes having to make changes to the Registry and using dism to remove packages.

    You can check out the instructions on the Ask Woody site if you are interested in removing Flash completely.

    Full reading: https://www.ghacks.net/2018/09/17/disable-adobe-flash-in-edge-ie/
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