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    Updated and based on:

    Operating System:
    Win10 x64 Home (Laptop) / Win10 x64 Pro (PC) - always latest stable

    User Access Control (UAC):

    OS Firewall:
    Windows 10 Firewall, tweaked by Windows 10 Firewall Control by Sphinx Software (Free version) - it adds default-deny, user-request outbound warnings to the integrated Windows Firewall

    F-Secure FreeDome (always latest stable) with Browsing Protection and Tracking Protection turned on

    OS Updates & Security Patches:

    OS File Reputation:
    SmartScreen (Default setting)

    Type of User Account:
    Microsoft Account (2FA)

    Recent Malware Attacks:
    Only due to Malware testing

    Participate in MTAC:
    Yes, OS layered by ShadowDefender

    Real-time Malware Protection:
    Main PC: F-Secure SAFE (always latest stable) in combination with Windows 10 Firewall Control by Sphinx Software (Free version)
    Laptop: Tencent PC Manager Global (always latest stable) in combination with Windows 10 Firewall Control by Sphinx Software (Free version)

    On-demand Malware Scanners:
    HitmanPro (always current stable)
    Zemana Anti-Logger (Premium) / Anti-Malware (Free Portable) - (always current stable)
    Norton Power Eraser (always current stable)

    Security Product Settings:


    Not many possibilities at all to tweak.
    • DeepGuard Ransomware Protection on - personal folders protected by default
    • Scan compressed files
    Apart from the very good web protection (malicious / Phising URL) and the superb VPN, I would not recommend this product, against 0-days, it's too weak. Though using Bitdefender signatures, the static detection is bad.

    Tencent PC Manager Global:
    • Realtime protection mode: Expert mode (Prompt upon detecting suspect actions)
    • File system protection level: High (monitor all file operations)
    • Action on threat detection: Choose action manually
    • Download Protection: Security prompt on dangerous files only

    The product has still some weaknesses regarding it's behavior blocker, but for a free product, with very regular (2 new version a month, most likely addressing behavior blocker), with notification whenever a new version is ready to install (in-app, one click), and steady search for new Bitdefender signatures (in realtime, not delayed as with other vendors!) and it's ok cloud, it's worth consideration. Make sure you tweak it.

    In combination with Windows 10 Firewall Control by Sphinx Software (Free version) and AppCheck Anti-Ransomware (in case you have personal files on your machine), it's a super light and reliable combination for free.

    Quick Scan is very fast (3 minutes on an SSD, no idea on Full scan).
    No option to schedule scans yet, however suggested on their forum.

    Browsers and Extensions:
    CentBrowser x64 current stable, set to clear browser data on exit
    Extensions: LastPass, Https everywhere, Avira Browser Safety, AdGuard, F-Secure Browsing Protection (main machine)

    Password Manager:
    LastPass - with 2FA, only allow logins from Home country

    Ad and Script Blocker:
    AdGuard Browser Extension

    System Tuners, Privacy Cleaners and Encryption:

    How often do you perform a Data Backup:
    Custom Backups (at least once a month)
    No personal files on Laptop / main machine (because of Malware testing inside Shadow Defender environment)

    How often do you perform a System Image Backup:

    Mobile OS:
    iOS (always latest stable), PIN set, TouchID

    Additional notes:
    ShadowDefender for virtualization + self protection.
    For security reasons, all personal data has been moved to external storage devices, also, set to an local account (no OneDrive).
    For testing purposes, I use System Explorer by Mister Group as well as TCPView, Autoruns (both free products by SysInternals).
    Make sure to activate VirusTotal ratings in the SysInternals tools.

    Thank you for reading! You're welcome to give me any feedback :)

    Links to the suggested on-demand tools:
    Process Explorer (PE):
    ZAM/ZAL (trial):
    HMP & HMP.A (trial):
    System Explorer:

    Link to ShadowDefender:
    Trial version, lifetime will cost you 35$ currently (+VAT in certain countries like Germany).

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    Avira Browser Safety - a highly recommended free extension available for both Google Chrome & Firefox browser(s), able to block malicious pages, with very fast reaction on emerging threats according to my experience. Note that you can combine it with your current AV product (please let me know if you found any conflicts), no need to switch to Avira.
    Thank you @silversurfer for making me aware of that great piece of software!
    Links: (Product description) (Google Chrome Web Store) (Firefox, thank you @Petrovic!)
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    Secure setup you have there @Der.Reisende, and thanks to you and all the MTAC Team for testing your security products. F-Secure is good in my opinion (also phishing protection thanks to its browser extension).
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    Secure and well detailed config! thanks for share! :)
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