Comodo Internet Security 6 vs Eset Smart Security 5

Discussion in 'Free software v/s Paid software' started by MrHacker, Jan 12, 2013.



  1. Eset Smart Security v6

  2. Comodo Internet Security 6

  1. Overkill

    Overkill Senior Member Known Member

    I have not used CIS 6 that much because I think they rushed it and I have not used ESS only NOD32...the HIPS needs some improvement is why I use mamutu so my fav currently would be Eset.
  2. Gnosis

    Gnosis Senior Member Known Member

    CIS 6 is my pick because there is not much fall off, if any, as a result of being freeware.
    It appears to me that experienced users love it, and noobs hate it.

    I always tweak my security software. I am not a "factory default" kind of guy. If someone chooses not to install only the aspects they want, and they refuse to adjust HIPS, BB and Heuristics, they have no room to complain. To settle for factory defaults is to settle for potential disaster with some of the nasty malware popping up these days. Noobs need to stick to Avast Free, or AVG, or something more basic, imho.

    I know that ESET kicks arse, but I am not willing to pay for it when I can get CIS 6 for free,  and stomp on the fluff and nagware/grayware to make is suit my preferences.

    "Kaspersky is nowadays a joke. I still feel heavy while using it."

    Agree.  Kaspersky has always felt that way to me (the Ruskies don't just love sticking it to you, they love breaking it off)
  3. Umbra Polaris

    Umbra Polaris Board Enthusiast Silver Member

    System Responsiveness:

    ESET > CIS


    CIS > ESET

    Overall Protection:

    CIS > ESET

    Design (UI):

    ESET >>>> CIS

    used them for quite a time but no more now, so i think my opinion is quite impartial.
  4. Gnosis

    Gnosis Senior Member Known Member

    I will admit that system responsiveness with CIS 6 installed is nothing to brag about, but it is not terrible either. I normally have ZERO TOLERANCE when it comes to security programs giving me the slightest sense of a slowdown here and there, but in this case, exceptions will be made because CIS 6 is one incredible suite. It is even more incredible that it is freeware in one out of three versions, and the freeware CIS has everything I desire in a security suite.
  5. Bala

    Bala Administrator Staff Member

    Yes same here, thats why I kicked KIS out of my system as it too heavy. CIS actually has zero to minimal impact on performance. Its an ideal security suite.
  6. Gnosis

    Gnosis Senior Member Known Member

    In light of what you said, and in all fairness, the PC that I have CIS 6 on is like a junk mailbox, so CIS could easily not be the primary source of the slowdown (LOL). I do notice slight delays that 80 percent of people probably would not even come close to sensing.
  7. Bala

    Bala Administrator Staff Member

    Yes I did not know that Lyall, but when I think about it, I realize what you are saying is right. Comdo is a very good and strong suite.
  8. WalterWolf

    WalterWolf Board Enthusiast

    If you want something that won't ask you anything there is ESET Smart Security if not then go CIS :)
  9. Bala

    Bala Administrator Staff Member

    Well walter Comodo has reduced a lot on its popups and the moment you turn on ESET's HIPS you are in for maybe more popups than Comodo itself. 

    ESET needs to make a more reliable and matured HIPS system.

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