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    Auto Hide IP allows you to hide your real IP, surf anonymously, guard against identity theft and hacker intrusions, and protect your online privacy, all with the click of a button.

    Platform: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 (32-bit and 64-bit)​

    Have you ever Thought that every single time when you Browsing in Internet You can be Tracked??????yes that is true.You can be Tracked Via Your I.P Address…

    IP Address : It is something like your home address. For computers there is a Address that is known as IP Address… The only difference is it will be chancing depends on our ISP and where we are located…

    An IP address is a fascinating feature of modern computer technology designed to allow one computer or any other digital device like printer, scanner, cam etc, to communicate with another via the Internet or local network. IP addresses allow the location of literally billions of digital devices that are connected to the Internet. One Eg for IP Address is :

    Some times when You Browsing in the Internet any one can Track you via Your IP..If any one knows your Ip He can easily Found your location. So better to protect you by using a fake IP.

    Auto Hide IP allows you to hide your real IP to protect your privacy automatically on the Internet. Auto Hide IP enables you to surf anonymously and automatically change your IP address every few minutes. With it, you are able to conceal your identity online by showing them a fake IP, preventing identity theft and hacker intrusions, all with the click of a button. You can also select fake IP from different countries via Choose IP Country option and can Check IP directly.

    Do you know How It Works:-
    You can see a Simple Explanation about how it work...

    After you download and install the Auto Hide IP you will get a screen like this...

    Now you have to select your fake location. For that you need to click on "CHOOSE IP COUNTRY".

    Next Click On "Hide Ip" .Now you are successfully hide your IP Address. Your real Ip is under Protection. You can see a Screen like this.

    Now You can Browse the Internet without any worry...People will Now see Your FAKE IP address only... :)

    Features :-
    • Anonymous Web Surfing Assign you fake IP addresses and guard against hackers who will be tricked by your fake IP instead of your real one.
    • Protect Your Identity Hide your real IP when surfing the web to prevent hackers or identity thieves from monitoring your web activity or stealing your personal information such as your financial information.
    • Choose IP Country You decide to use fake IP from different countries via "Choose IP Country" option and you can check the current IP directly.
    • Send Anonymous Emails Hide your real IP address in email headers. Be protected in email-sending from Yahoo!, Hot-mail, GMail, etc.
    • Un-ban Yourself from Forums and Message Boards. (Don't try it in our Forum :p) Use Auto Hide IP to change your IP which allows you to access any forums or restricted websites that have banned you.

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  3. Bala

    Bala Administrator Staff Member

    Thanks for the review. It is great.
    I will ask Auto-hide IP to sponsor us some licenses.
  4. artoor

    artoor Moderator Staff Member

    That's what I was going to ask you if there will be any giveaway with Auto-hide IP as a prize :D Would be great!
    Malwarekiller, thanks for the review!
  5. Malwarekiller

    Malwarekiller Junior Member Known Member

    I already send them a mail for GiveaWay... :)
  6. Indranilallf

    Indranilallf Initiat3

    Nice Review..
  7. Bala

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    Even I sent a mail to them for giveaway. But let me tell you that Cyberghost VPN is far better. We should soon get a VPN software for giveaway on our site.
  8. guardian

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    while I was reading this I thought
    hmmm would be a great giveaway contest
    then read the next posts and wallah on the same page :D
  9. artoor

    artoor Moderator Staff Member

    guardian, I actually don't use such kind of software, but I think it's a good idea to ask for a few licenses since there is written review. I think it would be nice if the devoloper will appreciate that kind of advertisment ;)

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