APT Trends report, Q1 2017

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    An Expert Take on Targeted Attack Operations

    Kaspersky Lab is currently tracking more than a hundred threat actors and sophisticated malicious operations targeting commercial and government organizations in over 80 countries. During the first quarter of 2017, there were 33 private reports released to subscribers of our Intelligence Services, with Indicators of Compromise (IOC) data and YARA rules to assist in forensics and malware-hunting.

    We continue to observe a sharp rise in the sophistication of attacks with nation-state backing and a merger of tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) between APT actors and financially motivated cybercriminals. We have witnessed the Middle East becoming one of the major cyber battlefields. At the same time, during Q1 2017, the discovery of a new Wiper victim in Europe raised eyebrows and suggested that these kinds of destructive attacks have now spread beyond the Middle East.

    In this report, we discuss the targeted attack highlights from the first quarter of 2017, and discuss some emerging trends that demand immediate attention.

    Full source: https://securelist.com/analysis/quarterly-malware-reports/78169/apt-trends-report-q1-2017/
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