You can now install Windows 95 on Windows, Linux and Mac

Discussion in 'Windows' started by RGiskardR, Aug 29, 2018.

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    Windows95 is a packaged copy of Microsoft's classic Windows 95 operating system that is running in an Electron application.

    The package is available for Windows, Linux and Mac devices, and can be downloaded from the project website.

    The release has a size of about 100 Megabytes; Windows users need to download the 64-bit version of the Windows95 distribution to get started.

    It is just a matter of double-clicking on the downloaded executable file to run the program. The start screen displays several important options. You can click on "Start Windows 95" to launch the operating system, reset the machine to start anew, insert a floppy disk, or discard the current state and boot from scratch.

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