Yahoo Messenger is dead

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    Yahoo revealed today that it will no longer support Yahoo Messenger, the company's instant messaging program, after July 17, 2018.

    Yahoo Messenger users can use the program like they normally do until July 17, 2018. From July 18, 2018 on users won't be able to access chats and other services related to Yahoo Messenger anymore. In other words: Yahoo Messenger's backend is shut down at that time so that connections are not longer supported.

    Yahoo published a small FAQ in which the company tries to answer some of the most pressing questions that Yahoo Messenger users may have.

    The company reveals why it decided to kill Yahoo Messenger -- because of changes in how people communicate with each other -- and how users can preserve the chat history before the service is shut down for good.

    Yahoo revealed that users of Messenger may request to download their chat history on the following site. The company notes that users may do so for the next six months but that they won't be able to do so after that period.

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