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    Successor of Phrozen VirusTotal is finally there!
    We know, most of you have been waiting expectantly for quite a long time for the successor of our hugely successful Phrozen VirusTotal Uploader. We are proud to announce that we can finally announce the news: Winja – short for Windows Ninja – is much more than an advanced uploader for a Multi-Antivirus Engine Scanner.

    The program was recoded from scratch and applies VirusTotal API’s in a more optimized and sophisticated way to save network resources and time. The program now checks for a previous existence of a scan in the archives of VirusTotal before uploading the file itself. Naturally, we offer an option to rescan a file to get a more recent check of available Anti-virus databases.

    The program is also completely redesigned to meet our highest standards and our novel Phrozen Material Component Set combines the style of Google Material and Windows 10 graphical trends.
    The program now offers crispy clean and very user-friendly design that operates also very smooth, effective and efficient even on older computers.

    The program is designed so that even inexperienced computer users can effortlessly operate Winja.

    You can simply and safely

    • Classically browse for file from your internal drives/network drives/removable drives
    • Download and scan from an HTTP URL (without any risk for your system)
    • Select a running process called Quick Process Scan.

    But we also offer an advanced panel called “Extra Tools” for more expert users. It offers a lot of native system functionalities that allows you to dig deeper into your system and unearth malware from their favorite locations.

    This advanced panel was specifically designed and coded to be plugin-ready which means it is ready to be progressively updated via our new Live Update System with any number of functionalities .

    The potential list of supported extra functions are:
    Process Explorer
    It gives you the possibility to send and report any process that looks suspicious using a parent to child hierarchical model view. Combined to the Active Monitoring view (see below in this article) it offer more precision to anticipate malware moves / signatures in your system. (The Active Monitoring currently have only two features but dozen of others will come progressively on future updates)

    Task Scheduler
    This function will list any application registered to the Microsoft Windows Task Scheduler system and gives you the possibility to scan, disable:enable or delete any task you find suspicious.

    Microsoft Startup
    Since many types of common malware use the default Windows Startup Location to trigger a startup, Winja offers the possibility to list any Startup Entry with the same visual style of the latest Microsoft Windows (even on older Windows System starting from Windows XP). The module is therefore very useful to track malware activity.

    Microsoft Services
    One unavoidable function is of course the Microsoft Services listing. This is also a very common place used by malware to register their services/drivers to hide their location or activities or even register themselves at Windows Startup.

    Networking Process
    Malware often uses networks to provide sensitive information to the remote hacker and wait for new tasks to operate on the infected machine. Because of this almost systematic behaviour we implement in version 2 of Winja the Networking Process Monitoring with real time updating support. You can easily identify which processes are communicating with which IP Address in which country to potentiality reveal the presence of a malicious program. As for Process Explorer it also supports the Active Monitoring.

    In the near futures you will see updates coming with new tools plugins such as :
    • Network Process Traffic Monitor
    • File Monitoring
    • A special file explorer
    • And more...
    Note: we also developed a plugin-ready (a future development) palette mode to go deeper into the analysis of each process/files.
    Like the Mozilla Firefox (F12 Feature) Developer Panel you can open a palette to check for more information about any given item.

    Readily available Active Monitoring functions are:
    Modules View (only for running process)
    It lists the libraries (DLL’s) opened and used by the target process. A good way to check whether or not some suspect libraries are attached to a process. It supports our Live Update System.

    Opened Files (Only for running process)
    Another great feature is one that lists which files are currently attached/used by a running process. It also supports our Live Update System.

    As for extra tools plugins, we already have in mind a lot of ideas for future add-ons for this palette, but we want to keep these confidential at this point in time.

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    Thanks. I use the virustotal uploader application.
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    Winja Virustotal Uploader 4.1
    Changelog :

    • When closing main window, the process now ends, now only minimize on system tray is optional and available. This is a more natural way of hiding application to tray.
    • Many parts of the program was recoded from scratch for the maintainability / stability / reliability / speed optimization
    • AAI (Advanced Application Inspection) is now fully dissociated from Winja and will be released as a separated application but bundled in a futur version of Winja when ready for deployment. This was done to make Winja lighter, again for maintainability and for 32 / 64 bit optimization when attaching an application. No ETA
    • Network Monitor added to Extra Tools. Two position mode available, align on caption bar or bottom of Extra Tools
    • Phrozen Material Menu updated to V2.0 and now support menu headers / fill glyphs / greyscale glyphs.
    • Process Viewer fully recoded using low level API's, support now process creation time and fix a rare but critical bug which freeze the whole program.
    • You can now disable the behavior of listing by parent > child Process Viewer items.
    • Delphi Compiler was updated from 10 Seattle to 10.2 Tokyo.
    • VirusTotal API's usage improved, scan tasks recoded from scratch which induce a better scan performance.
    • New scan option added, 'Never Submit Unknown Samples', for confidentiality reason, if a file report wasn't found on VT servers, you can disable the default behavior to upload a new sample for further analysis.
    • Logs added to Scanning Tasks frame, then you can follow the scanning process.
    • Download And Scan feature rethought and improved
    • Task Scheduler Listing feature recoded from scratch, and rethought to be more user friendly.
    • New option added to filter Antivirus Engine by detection

    • Winja main user interface updated
    • Phrozen material buttons updated to V2.0
    • Standardized beautiful icons
    • Phrozen Material Message Box component updated to V2.0
    • Phrozen Material Caption Bar updated to version 2.0 and support animation, textures etc...
    • Scanning Tasks design / ergonomics fully rethought
    • Results Tasks design / ergonomics fully rethought as well
    • Report Analysis Window design improved

    • Minor bugs fixed in Windows Shadows
    • Rescan file bug fixed
    • Phrozen Material Notification implemented, beautiful notification style using Phrozen Material Graphical Engine.
    • Winja Desktop Widget updated and support now Opacity Level as new option
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