Windows 7 or Windows 8?

Discussion in 'Product vs Product' started by arsenaloyal, May 28, 2013.

  1. arsenaloyal

    arsenaloyal Junior Member Silver Member

    OK guys lets be honest which one would you prefer and why?

    please list the pros and cons as well.
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  3. MrHacker

    MrHacker Initiat3 Silver Member

    I would prefer Windows 8.
    Just try Windows 8 in Lumia 920. You will forget everything.
  4. Bala

    Bala Administrator Staff Member

    Hmm, currently I am moving back to Windows 7 but Windows 8 is not that bad. A few days of practice and you will be a pro with the start screen. 
    Seriously this question is for you to decide what you like. If you hate the new UI like me then stay with Windows 7. I do not like the UI of desktop in Wn8 and also has compatibility problems with legacy apps. So moving back to Windows7.
  5. guardian

    guardian Administrator Staff Member

    Windows 7 diehard :D
  6. grr

    grr Board Enthusiast Silver Member Known Member

    windows8 = windows7 - start button + $$ + speed + hours of learning time/adaptability/frustration + tons of security fixes :D
  7. timnik

    timnik Initiat3

    Win8 for me by all means! :cool:

    There might be some compatibility problems with software or drivers in Win8 but I still choose it because of the better security and new features (new win explorer, task manager and so on).
    I also feel that it is faster than win7.

    Didn't take much time learning at all once I got the start button back (with start8) so that I do not have to use/see the new Metro style at all.
  8. akiratoriyama

    akiratoriyama Moderator

    What about WinXP :p
    Anyways I still like the good 'ol ubuntu and winxp
  9. Bala

    Bala Administrator Staff Member

    Yeah akira. Windows XP was great but Windows 7 as a replacement was better and mainly was an acceptable replacement. 
    The only thing I dont like in today's Ubuntu is unity. I still like KDE and Gnome 2.
  10. arsenaloyal

    arsenaloyal Junior Member Silver Member

    I am also not a big fan of the non aero windows 8 desktop,but windows 8 does have its upsides as well. for one thing the boot performance is super fast, I did notice around 40-45% faster boot times with windows 8 on SSD. and about SSD windows 8 is SSD aware so it optimizes automatically for SSD's. and the metro apps are good once you get used to them as well.
  11. ZeroDay

    ZeroDay Member

    Windows 8 for me. It lighter more secure and I find it a pleasure to use.
  12. toolunit55

    toolunit55 Initiat3

    Windows 8 for me too, I don't know what the fuss is all about with this system, really easy to learn and navigate just a change ,maybe people too slow who knows
  13. akiratoriyama

    akiratoriyama Moderator

    Windows 7 for me
    Have had driver corruption issues with win8
    Currently dual-booting win7 and win8 (pre-installed)
  14. Bala

    Bala Administrator Staff Member

    Now I am leaning towards Windows 8.1 and not really 8. 8.1 seems to bridge the gap well.
  15. matroska

    matroska Member Known Member

    I think both are equally good, but I prefer windows 7
    experience using Windows 8 on my laptop is quite good, rarely crashes
  16. WalterWolf

    WalterWolf Board Enthusiast

    Windows 7 here.
    Windows 8(8.1) is very good,same as Win 7 maybe a bit faster :)
  17. corker

    corker Member

    I find Windows 8 is fast from booting to logon but when I restart the PC, the booting to logon goes horribly slower than what I got with Windows 7. Even my old PC with Windows XP can do better that that.
  18. Bala

    Bala Administrator Staff Member

    Boot-time is the only fast thing in Windows 8. Rest Windows 7 is a more stable and mature OS. If you are working for productivity and business you should  be taking Windows 7. For a casual home user Windows 8 will do it. I also dislike the fact that microsoft has decided to withdraw service packs.
  19. exterminator20

    exterminator20 Initiat3 Known Member

    I have both on a dual boot but hardly ever find myself using Windows 8.Windows 7 is the OS businesses and Government agencies use and if some are still using XP they are now upgrading to Windows 7.I don't think you will ever see Windows 8 used in this setting.I see it really as an OS for the home user that has a touch screen PC or Tablet.The only reason I have Windows 8 is because the price was right $0.00,otherwise I would have taken it for a spin and got rid of it.

    I agree that with some tweaks Windows 7 can address the faster boot time of Windows 8.However the faster boot is not really an issue with me and hardly a reason to switch from 7 to 8.

    I hope they do a better job with Windows 9 or whatever the next OS is
  20. akiratoriyama

    akiratoriyama Moderator

    Re: RE: Windows 7 or Windows 8?

    Even I have Win7 dual boot on pre installed Win8
    Win7 is better in gaming than Win8 and that's the deal for me

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  21. Raul90

    Raul90 Valued TBT Member Known Member

    I still have not tried Windows 8 well fr the very reason that my pc may not accomodate Win8 though my components are Win8 ready. Have not a license also for it. Been reading on it and I tend to see them in grr's post. If I had a new laptop maybe I'll stick with it for a while see if it grows on me....
  22. guardian

    guardian Administrator Staff Member

    Re: RE: Windows 7 or Windows 8?

    totally agree with you.. XP was awesome but moved to Windows 7 when I was given 64 and 32 bit OS discs when I bought my kids a laptop each for Christmas and installed to take it for a spin to check what was under the hood..didn't go back to XP.... Father-in-Law has Windows 8 and when I took it for a run I was left deflated :S

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  23. geki616

    geki616 Member

    I prefer Windows 7. Windows 8 is just a sucked testing edition as Vista.
  24. Bala

    Bala Administrator Staff Member

    Its a wrong impression people have that Vista is a crap. It is as good as Windows 7. I have used Vista with SP1 and SP2 as my main OS for about 2 years even when Windows 7 was available.
  25. whizkidraj

    whizkidraj Member Silver Member

    Yea Vista sucks very boring OS. Windows 8.1 currently the best because it comes with a lot of useful softwares pre-installed + WIndows Store Apps and has a rocking boot time (less than 7 secs with 4GB of RAM, no SSD,.. even with Antivirus installed(ESS)).
    And yes the most secure OS of Microsoft supported completely by them.
  26. Plzdontell

    Plzdontell Member

    i have not tried windows 8 so far but windows 7 is good enough for me, no matter office or entertainment

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