Windows 10 update servicing cadence

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    All Windows administrators and many Windows users know that Microsoft releases updates on the second Tuesday of any month for all supported operating systems.

    Microsoft's John Wilcox published information about the Windows 10 update servicing cadence yesterday on the company's Tech Community website.

    He shares Microsoft's guiding principles for updates for Windows 10, and provides context to help users and administrators better understand when and how updates do get released.

    Update Tuesday, or Patch Tuesday, is the most important day of the month when it comes to updates. Microsoft refers to quality updates that it releases on the day as "B" releases.

    The updates released on the second Tuesday of each month are "the primary and most important of all the monthly update events and are the only regular releases that include new security fixes".

    Tip: Microsoft revealed what Service Stack Updates are used for recently as well.

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