Windows 10: control Bitlocker during upgrades

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    When you upgrade a Windows 10 device protected by BitLocker to a new feature update version of Windows 10, for example from Windows 10 version 1703 to Windows 10 version 1803, BitLocker is suspended during the upgrade process.

    Suspension does not mean that the entire drive gets decrypted during the process; instead, it makes the encryption key available "in the clear" so that data is "available to everyone".

    Data that gets written to the disk is still encrypted. A suspended BitLocker protection on a device does not run validation checks during startup. Administrators could use the Suspend Bitlocker Powershell script in the past to suspend BitLocker protection, for example, before upgrading to a new version of Windows or upgrading device firmware.

    A security researcher discovered a bypass option during upgrades to access BitLocker encrypted data.

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