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Discussion in 'Computers Help' started by eufrasiox, Dec 18, 2016.

  1. eufrasiox

    eufrasiox Member

    I have installed win 10
    On an old dell 5150
    With a ssd and everything works fine except
    It takes a long time to turn off
    Reboot is fast, no problems
    But normal start does not start
    Black screen thinking after the windows logo
    And does not start
    If I press the power button forcing it
    Turns off faster and then boots normally
    But I delete it from windows
    Takes a long time to shut down and does not start
    (Black screen thinking after the windows logo)
    This is very strange
    Because if I restart, it works fast
    But off and on normal does not work well
    any ideas?
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  3. eufrasiox

    eufrasiox Member

    sorry for my English
    I use google translate
    In summary:
    Restarts perfectly
    off very slow
    start is blocked after windows logo
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  4. wwd

    wwd Illustrator Silver Member

    It may be one of the installed programs makes conflict. I had similar symptoms to Windows 7, black screen at startup causing Cybergenic Shade Sandbox.
    So I am :shake: :D
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  5. eufrasiox

    eufrasiox Member

    Problem solved
    It was very easy
    Disable hibernation (cmd)
    Disable quick start on power options
    Now starts in 20 seconds
    And turns off in 5 seconds

    Maybe you can interest someone
    In some pc
    Hibernation and the fast start of windows 10
    They create problems

    Now this old pc looks like an i3
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