What Mozilla has planned for Firefox in 2018 (ad-filtering and more)

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    As a user of the web browser Firefox or someone who is interested in trying it out, you probably would like to know more about what Mozilla has planned for Firefox in 2018 (and beyond).

    With Google integrating limited advertisement blocking into the Chrome browser and other nice to have features into the web browser, it is only natural to wonder what Mozilla has planned in this regard.

    Good news for users interested in Firefox is that Mozilla has big plans for Firefox in 2018; the following paragraphs reveals new features that Firefox users will have at their disposal this year (if the schedule holds).

    You can check out the full list on Mozilla's Wiki website. The list below highlights the, in my opinion, most important changes and improvements.

    I reveal what I think about the announced changes after the list and would like to know what you think about the plans as well.

    Full reading: https://www.ghacks.net/2018/03/22/what-mozilla-has-planned-for-firefox-in-2018/
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