What is Filmefy?

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    ok I will give you a brief explanation good peoples :)

    The Problem: Good Content is Hard to Find

    I want to watch Captain America: The Winter Soldier but it’s not available on Netflix US. Where can I stream it? Answer: Netflix Netherlands

    More and more, people are cutting the cord and watching movies and TV with streaming services like Netflix. Also, DNS and VPN products have made it easy for people to access different regional Netflix catalogues. However, with content spread over hundreds of services and regions, it is challenging for cord-cutters to know where to find the titles they want.

    Filmefy is here to help.

    What is Filmefy?
    Filmefy is a search engine that allows to people to search the movie or TV show they want to watch and find out where it is streaming on Netflix. When a user searches for a title, Filmefy tells him which Netflix region(s) have it available. It also pairs with the user’s UnoTelly account to allow him to easily change regions and start watching.

    What Makes Filmefy Different Than Other Movie Search Engines?
    Filmefy makes finding content to watch a social experience, similar to Spotify. Users can create playlists featuring their favourite picks based on taste or mood, which other users can discover to get recommendations.

    In addition, for those with an UnoTelly account, users can change Netflix regions and start streaming right from the Filmefy website.

    We envision a future where it is easy to find the latest content to watch and the user experience to start streaming is as easy as changing the channel on your TV.

    Check it Out!
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    Thats really a cool service man. Awesomeness to the next level. I just searched for Dr Who, infact a specific episode and I got it. I was unable to catch it on Telly.
    And yeah only now has Indian TVs finally started to air Dr. Who. 40 years after well it first began.
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    Doctor Who! (Hey) Doctor Who
    Doctor Who! (Hey) The TARDIS
    Doctor Who! (Hey) Doctor Who
    Doctor Who doc...Doctor Who
    Bosh Bosh Bosh, loads of money
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    Dalek Dalek Dalek are supreme. The cult of Skaro. Nice to meet the Dr. Who fan.

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