WebAPI Manager: limit website access to Web APIs

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    WebAPI Manager is an open source extension for the Firefox and Google Chrome web browser that you may use to limit website access to Web APIs.

    Support for new features and technologies exploded in recent years. Browser makers like Mozilla or Google integrate APIs into their web browsers that websites may use.

    While there is no doubt that many of the features are beneficial as it gives sites new capabilities, some features may also get abused or are not really used by a lot of sites out there.

    Some examples: Canvas may be used for fingerprinting, WebRTC may leak the device's local IP address even when a VPN is used, and sites could use the Battery Status API to fingerprint clients as well.

    The author of WebAPI Manager identified two core issues when it comes to the integration of new functionality in web browsers: that some features are rarely if ever used, and that features are used for non-user-serving purposes such as fingerprinting or attacking them outright.

    Full source: https://www.ghacks.net/2018/01/30/webapi-manager-limit-website-access-to-web-apis/
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