Use These Lighter Adobe Reader Alternatives to View PDFs

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    If you're looking for an alternative to Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF viewer, which has fewer options and lower impact on system resources, then you can check out this guide

    Simple PDF's
    Simple PDF's takes a simplistic approach to displaying the content of PDF files. It adopts the flat look of Microsoft Office, replacing the blue theme with a red one (can be later changed).
    The tool supports multiple tabs and file attachments. To rotate pages, right-click an area of the page to Rotate Clockwise (or press Ctrl+Shift++) or Rotate Counterclockwise (or press Ctrl+Shift+-). Plus, you can view Document Properties (such as title, author, subject, keywords, revision, and PDF producer) and Print text (from the ribbon bar).

    Sumatra PDF
    After opening a PDF document in Sumatra PDF, click the burger button on the upper-left corner of the main window and open the View menu. You can set the reading mode to Single Page (or press Ctrl+6), Facing (or press Ctrl+7) or Book View (or press Ctrl+8).

    Foxit Reader
    Foxit Reader can be set not only as the default PDF viewer but also as the default system printer. It features a shell extension for converting PDF documents, plugins for Microsoft Word, Powerpoint,and Excel, in addition to a spellchecker. It also has a Safe Reading Mode that gives you the possibility of controlling app actions and data transmissions, for example, if the tool tries to connect to the Internet, launch external files or run JavaScript, thus exposing your PC to malware.

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    There is also one more that I'm using interchangeably with Sumatra PDF - PDF-XChange Viewer. I think though there is nothing as light and simple as Sumatra PDF. It rules! Ohhh... does anyone uses Adobe PDF Reader these days?
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    I have been using my old PDF-XChange 5 Pro and FoxitPhantom PDF but I seem to see that when creating PDF's Tracker products creates it a bit more smaller than Foxit(even when Foxit Phantom has a "Reduce File Size" function). Both are fast and renders superb. Free version of PDF-XChange Viewer is great. I also have Sumatra Portable as backup and I use it mostly in my WinPE application.
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    I use Sumatra PDF only for viewing PDFs and it works good. I always search and use light software not heavy and Adobe is waaaaaay too big and bundled with a lot of unneeded services and features.
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    Well, I'm going to be the different one here. I've heard of and looked at all of the above mentioned PDF programs, and don't any of them. Instead, am using Wondershare's PDFelement with the OCR Plugin. Of course, have Licensed it (got a great deal on the License and OCR plugin). It is much better than Adobe Reader, by a long shot. Honestly, I think most everything else is way better than using Adobe Reader. :)

    These days I am doing quite a bit with .pdf files, so I needed a program that would meet the need, and then do it all. It's not a system memory hog either. :)

    They have excellent support, and yes, they are a Chinese company!! Like I've said before, not all Chinese companies are crooks. There are very exceptional ones, and they are one of them. :D
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