[Urgent] how could i make all my partition visible

Discussion in 'Computers Help' started by Shadow King, Jun 14, 2014.

  1. Shadow King

    Shadow King Member Known Member

    I exactly don't know what I am facing
    but I need help
    Disk Management
    my computer
    when I restarted my PC I received an error on booting screen named "B8"
    and then I got to know that my earlier version of windows corrupted due to some reasons and now when I install new windows I was unable to chose any of the other partition as it showed that every partition was full but last time when I used my PC there was 102 gb free in 1tb HDD and 309 gb free in 500gb HDD so there was no other choice so I installed windows on 10gb partition
    as you can see above those small partition (3.58gb, 10gb and 3.92gb) are not created by me
    and while installing the windows I got alert of all "0 mb free" but disk management shows 100% free
    please help se so those hidden partition can be visible on "my computer"
    and is my data safe ? is there any way by which I can get my data back ??
    Note - that disc 1 is not free it consist many important files and stuff and I need them while installing windows it show 0mb free (in disc 1 while selecting disc partition) and in disc management it shows 100% free space
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  3. illumination

    illumination Guest

    You can assign them a letter to make them visible, although i would merge them "since they are empty" into your main partition..

  4. WalterWolf

    WalterWolf Board Enthusiast

    Like illumination said,just assign letter to partition to make it visible.
  5. Shadow King

    Shadow King Member Known Member

  6. WalterWolf

    WalterWolf Board Enthusiast

    Try with Partition Master Free
  7. KaptainBug

    KaptainBug Member

    Delete the volume. It will be merged with unallocated partition. Then you can create a new partition.

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