Ubuntu Touch OS devs refuse to create Android Compatibility layer.

Discussion in 'Linux' started by Bala, Oct 9, 2015.

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    Ubuntu Touch OS is the new Operating System being developed by Canonical to be used on mobile devices. This will be like Windows 10 and will offer seamless experience between Ubuntu on the desktop and your phone. Already a few phones especially from BenQ run this OS.

    Now as the foundation work with the OS is over, its important to create apps and an ecosystem to drive it. This is what will attract users to the platform, its also why Windows mobile is unsuccessful. Now Blackberry had developed a compatibility layer to make Android apps work on its platform. This allowed users easy migration and opened up a plethora of apps. There were some limitations but most worked fine.
    Ubuntu has decided not to take this route. I agree with them on this. Although initially it will be difficult but core and native apps are the best in the long run. Also the point in argument is Android apps have a different UI and lifecycle so making a layer will be difficult but not impossible.

    Extra Info:- You may wonder that by creating and porting android apps on another platform you violate copyrights of Google but it is not so. Remember Android is open source and apps written in Java. Java apps produce byte-code[language understood by machines] using a software called JVM or Java virtual machine. Google rewrite this and called it Dalvik or Android Run Time Environment. Similarly i too can rewrite it for my platform. The issue comes is Google Play services are copy righted so they cannot be ported. One important feature of it is the Google Cloud Messaging framework. This enables apps to easily implement push notifications when connected online, like whatsapp gives you a notification. So a developer need not write a custom sync solution to achieve this. Google has copyrights over it, so smaller apps will not work fine on such an emulated environment
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