Ubuntu for phones is now a realty

Discussion in 'Linux' started by Bala, Jan 6, 2013.

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    Yes you heard it right. Ubuntu for phones will now be avaiilable. As per the website they will be showcasing it off at CES 2013.

    If reports are to be believed very soon a phone running of the Ubuntu OS will be available.

    They are also going the Microsoft way releasing a common Ubuntu for phones and PCs.
    There will be two versions for phones. One which runs only on high end phones and is the full Ubuntu desktop. You can connect it to a monitor to get a full OS experience.
    The other is a lighter version.
    Here are the system requirements.
    You can see only the high end version has desktop convergence ie it is a full blown Computer OS available right in your phone.
    Ubuntu's site http://www.ubuntu.com/devices/phone/operators-and-oems

    There is also Ubuntu for Android which makes the great Ubuntu desktop available on Android. The great thing is it uses the Ubuntu app system rather than android apps.
    The preinstalled apps include the following

    As per the official Ubuntu statement. Ubuntu runs on an Andriod gingerbread core and on docked mode both the OS function together using a common convergence API. The reduces CPU usage and allows the functioning of a seamless desktop OS alongside the beloved Andriod. We are yet waiting for more information and a download link.
    But if you see closely again Ubuntu for Andriod would need a dual core processor and more than a GB of ram to function.
    Maybe its time Andriod's monopoly comes to an end.
    More info here http://www.ubuntu.com/devices/android/features-and-specs
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    Good to see that.
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    I'll have to install that at some point. did a search for it on Google Play the other day and couldn't figure out which is the correct one :-) 

    (unrelated- I've made sure not to hover over links with certain styles on this forum because InfoLinks is pretty annoying :-)

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