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    We @ are very pleased to announce our
    TechSmith "ScareUS" Halloween 2017 Giveaway


    We would like to thank TechSmith for their kind generosity
    for sponsoring this giveaway.


    TechSmith's Camtasia is the industry leader in screen capture of images/video for professionals who make promotional videos, tutorials and educational videos! The new Camtasia 9 has also been overhauled to allow rendering 4K or Ultra High Definition images/content. TechSmith Camtasia has two (2) components, a screen capture application and video editor which are available in Windows and Mac platforms. Camtasia remains to be the screencam producers and industry professional's essential tool. As an editor it is ideal for beginners and even professionals seeking to quickly produce simpler, business-oriented features that benefit from Camtasia's attention grabbing effects.


    Screen Capture
    Camtasia has multiple audio and video options you can customize. You can record the entire screen or record just a portion or even lock the recording to a certain application, depending on your preference.

    Webcam Capture
    New in this version is the ability to record your webcam with your screen at the same time. This can be of great use for those who want to make tutorials/educational items. It will record video streams separately making it easier to adjust/edit later. Audio recording is via any connected mic or your pc's microphone and of course the systems audio which is recorded on a separate track from your microphone audio so it is easy to edit them at a later time.

    Media and Effects
    Camtasia supports a wide variety of video, audio and image formats so we do not run into issues with importing different file types onto it. Drag/drop feature can be used for any file type. You just need to drag onto the interface and do what you want.


    As we all know, "annotations" are the comments that we add to a video or an image captured. Text-based annotations are provided, callouts, arrows, lines, shapes, blur/highlight, sketches and callouts for keystrokes. Each can be adjusted too (drop shadows, size, opacity, font options and borders).

    For all of us with experience with video editing, "transitions" are changes to a scene. They allow you to "transition" from one scene to another.

    They are "action effects" which can be applied to any media asset. It is a new feature in this version of Camtasia 9. You can make your annotations move on the screen to depending upon the type of behavior you want or prefer. They can be used on text, images or videos. Among the properties of "behaviors" are speed and direction. Behaviors have three (3) distinct points which are: (1) entry behavior which is the how it behaves as it enters the screen, (2) while it is on the scene, an d, (3) how is behaves as it exits the scene. These makes it more customizable in terms of editing.

    Animations allows you to adjust zoom/opacity of media objects. As in any video editor you can adjust an animation when applied to a timeline. The animations are pretty much standard but one thing that has to be mentioned is the "Smart Focus". Smart Focus will automatically zoom into the part of the video "it thinks" you want to highlight. Thus the term, "Smart Focus".


    Cursor Effects
    This provides a "spotlight" on the cursor when you do screen captures as it highlights or magnifies the cursor at any given time depending on how and when you want it. Certain effects can also be used such as ripples and scopes for your mouse clicks.

    Voice Narration
    Pretty straightforward as it records what you narrate or what you speak about what is happening in the screen as you capture it.

    Audio Effects
    Let’s you add fade-in/fade-out, remove background noise and reduce volume spikes so you can have a more leveled sound in your work. You can shorten any clip by any percentage in this version unlike with Camtasia ver 8. Clip shortening is useful when you want to speed up a scene instead of removing it entirely.

    Visual Effects
    Mostly focused on color adjustments, and can be added to both images and videos. You can adjust: (1) drop shadows, (2) borders, (3) color tints, (4) color removal, (5) clip speed, and (6) interactive hotspots (allows you to add a link to a website on the video itself, or automatically pause a video at a certain position).

    This can be very useful when making training materials. You can add a quiz to the video or something similar to it like an interactive narrative with keypoints.

    This is "closed captioning" so you can apply any caption you want that you can match with the timeline.

    Green Screen
    As in most video editors now, green screen capability is also accommodated in Camtasia giving you the more leeway if you want to add yourself or image or part of a video on top of an existing project.

    Latest version of Camtasia (Windows) is version 9.1.0 (19 September, 2017)

    • Made improvements to the TechSmith Smart Player
    • New device frame visual effect to make videos more engaging
    • New properties panel to quickly adjust colors and text of animated graphics, like intros and lower thirds
    • New extend frame functionality to make extending your clips more intuitive
    • New functionality to import PowerPoint files
    • Addressed an issue where recordings would show as only one frame long on timeline incorrectly
    • Handling finding offline media on users' computer in a smoother way
    • Fixed a bug where batch production without subfolders option selected would still create subfolders
    • Fixed a bug where production dialog hangs with multiple files based on markers selected
    • Fixed AVI production for non TechSmith codecs
    • Fixed a bug where sometimes scrolling through the font dropdown caused a crash
    • Fixed a bug where media bin and canvas would end up being hidden on startup
    • Fixed a bug where dragging transitions on media that is split caused a hang
    • Fixed a bug where audio only TRECs caused a crash
    • Other bug fixes and improvements

    Camtasia Overview

    Camtasia 9/3: Editing In Depth 1

    Camtasia 9/3: Editing In Depth 2

    Camtasia 9/3: Produce & Share



    TechSmith's Snagit is the best screenshot capture and video recording on Windows and Mac. It combines traditional screenshots, video recording, image editing and file sharing that will help you to communicate your projects with more clarity and effectively. The TechSmith development team has incorporated a lot of features to help you take different kinds of pictures of your monitor. It includes full-screen capture, window mode, scrolling mouse capture, selected area screenshot, panoramic screenshot etc., including advanced modes such as menu capture, free hand, object, clipboard and multiple areas!


    Enhance screenshots
    Snagit is way more than just a snipping tool. Customize and edit every screenshot with professional-quality markup tools. Trim any part of your recordings. Or convert videos to an animated GIF.

    Deliver results
    Capture a website, record an online meeting, or send someone feedback in an email. Get a short URL to share your screenshots or recordings with anyone.

    Image capture
    Make sure to capture exactly what you need. Click and drag anywhere on your screen to select a region with pixel perfect accuracy.

    Video capture
    Sometimes it's easier to talk things through. Record, narrate, and trim quick videos of your screen for demos, feedback, reviews, and more.


    Mobile capture
    Capture beyond your desktop. Get TechSmith Fuse for your Android or iOS phone. Send photos and videos from your mobile device straight to the Snagit editor.

    Panoramic capture
    Capture wide, horizontal scrolls, infinitely scrolling webpages, and everything between. Take one, precise screenshot instead of stitching individual captures together.

    Scrolling capture
    Take a full-page screenshot even if it's not showing on the screen. Grab the horizontal, vertical, or entire scrolling area with just a click.

    Create Animated GIF
    Turn any short screen recording into an animated GIF. Show off quick tasks and workflows without a large file size.

    Capture videos with a simple, intuitive screen recorder
    Context is everything. Record video of your desktop for simple how-tos or video instructions. Our screen recorder is the best you'll find. Create software or product demos, video tutorials, and more.

    Webcam recording
    Toggle between webcam and screen recording during a video. Add a personal touch with teammates or clients, no matter where they are.

    Video trimming
    Quickly get rid of any unwanted sections from your screen recordings. Remove ums, ahs, and coughs, extra time from the beginning, middle, end, or any mistakes you want to correct.

    Record audio
    Include audio in your videos from either a microphone or your computer’s system audio.

    Markup plain screen captures into clear communication
    Background Auto-Fill and Magic Wand Tool. Move objects or remove the image background without affecting the original image quality. Perfect for fast image edits in documentation, website mockups, and more.

    Annotate screen grabs
    Add personality and professionalism to your screenshots with a variety of pre-made styles. Or you can create your own.

    Resize images
    Get your images to the correct size, right down to the pixel. Use the Resize option to enter new dimensions to scale the size of the image.

    Snagit stamps
    Personalize your images with stickers specifically designed for screenshots. Get the latest stamps straight from Snagit, or download previous stamps here.

    Find all of your past captures without wasting time digging for them. Your screen captures are automatically saved to your library, with the most recent captures viewable all the time. Tag captures to always keep your projects organized.

    Snagit Overview

    Snagit for Beginners: 3 Simple Workflows

    Basic Editing in Snagit

    Latest version of Snagit (Windows) is version 13.1.4(19 September, 2017)

    Fixed a scrolling capture bug with Chrome
    Various other bug fixes​

    To participate please follow these 4 simple GOLDEN RULES!

    1. Giveaway is open to ALL members.

    2. Post a
    scary Halloween image as giveaway/contest entry below with your social media share. (Please keep the image size to a minimum).

    Make sure the TechSmith representative can view it properly!

    Please see sample entry below.


    3. To show your gratitude and support to the developer please share this giveaway by pasting the code below in your Facebook/Twitter/Google+ Account.


    Optional: Please like/follow TechSmith's social networking sites as added support.

    TechSmith on Facebook

    TechSmith Snagit on Twitter

    TechSmith on Twitter

    TechSmith Camtasia on Twitter

    TechSmith on YouTube

    TechSmith on Google Plus

    4. Only one entry per IP is permitted.
    If you are using a VPN/Proxy to enter into this giveaway this against our forum rules BUT we guess ultimately members will try. So please take note, that if another member has also entered this same giveaway with the same VPN/Proxy before you did, then your entry will simply not be valid.

    Rules are pretty simple . To enter this contest you must comply with these above
    4 simple GOLDEN RULES to be considered as a valid entry.


    Winner #1 will receive 1 license of TechSmith Camtasia Video Editor
    Winner #2 will receive 1 license of TechSmith Snagit

    Winning member will be selected by TechSmith Representative and once the winner's names has been posted the winner will only have 3 days to send a PM to claim their prize.

    Prizes will be FORFEIT if a PM is not received within the specified timeframe.

    Please include your details (Name/Email) when confirming your win
    to speed things up.


    The Giveaway will run from
    October 25, 2017 to November 30, 2017

    Goodluck to all!!!

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    Just a reminder here, it is the TechSmith representative who will choose the winner so please MAKE SURE that he/she will be able to see it properly. If you can upload it to an image hosting site please do so (so the TechSmith rep will not have issues --attached images can only be viewed by members).

    MAKE SURE your image can be viewed here properly.
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    So interesting! I was thinking to put a story into my entry. I hope it doesn’t violate the rule.

    Darminah, the woman servant of Satan, grins as she recollects the arrival of Halloween Day.


    She sends out her horde of zombies for a Halloween party.



    That said, zombies are not too bright creature. They go astray and end up in a pajama party instead, scaring the hell out of the hosts.


    Thank you, jasonX, Tweakbytes and TechSmith for arranging this giveaway. Here is my FB share.
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    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Thank you TechSmith for a generous Halloween 2017 special awesome giveaway for us! Thanks to JasonX for the hard work in arranging the giveaway.

    Pictures tell stories, & 'tis the season to be haunted. So I present a little Halloween evening Trick-or-Treating through a cosplay collage picture. My entry:


    p.s: If you feel a little scared & uncomfortable don't worry my friend, I'm always there behind you to help!


    Image links:

    My Share:

    Already following TechSmith, SnagIt & Camtasia on Twitter. Following TechSmith on facebook & youtube.
    Facebook share:

    Twitter share:

    Thank you TechSmith for the giveaway. Wish you a belated Happy TechSMith Halloween 2017!

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    TechSmith representative has been informed. Please be patient.

    Winners will be announced soon. Please read carefully the instructions in the main giveaway.
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    Congratulations to the winners!
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