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    We @ are very pleased to announce our
    Steganos Privacy Suite 18 + Steganos Online Shield VPN Giveaway [10 Licenses] Giveaway!


    We would like to thank Steganos GmbH and BOHMerang PR for sponsoring us the giveaway license prizes.



    Steganos Privacy Suite 18 (SPS18) is a collection of tools designed for a specific purpose --to keep data you deem as "sensitive/confidential" safe from unauthorized access and exposure. The individual user will have the capability to encrypt/hide his data alongside cleaning traceable items from your browsers and system applications and permanent deletion/elimination of files/folders. It is the combination of Steganos Safe and Steganos Password Manager with extra bonus features aimed at giving only the best protection for the users privacy/safety.


    Steganos Privacy Suite 18 COMPONENTS

    The main interface of SPS18 shows its main components which are:

    1. Safe
    2. Portable Safe
    3. Crypt & Hide
    4. Password Manager
    5. Private Favorites
    6. E-Mail Encryption
    7. Shredder
    8. TraceDestructor
    9. Privacy

    Steganos Safe is the secure drive that you will create to store your sensitive data. It is used like any other drive in your system. You can either save, edit or delete files inside the safe you create. It is easy to setup/create a stationary Safe, hide an existing safe (Hidden Safe) etc. Each one of the Safe's that you will create is a virtual Safe that functions like an additional hard disk in your computer with a difference that your data is securely stored inside it. Ease of access is given via the Windows Explorer when you open an encrypted Safe. It automatically gets added into Windows Explorer for you to access it just like any other drive you have. The main window of the Safe displays a list of secure drives you have created and you can opne/close as desired with just a click of a button. Passwords to access your created Safe's can also be accessed via the use of the Password Manager whcih when set to automatically supply password will do just that and "autofill" in the necessary passowrd for your Safe. Safes can also be set to "dynamically grow" with it's contents or just stay stationary within the size you desire. All Safes in Steganos Safe can be backed-up and imported to/from external drives.

    Allows you to create a "Portable Safe" either from an flash drive, an external drive or a DVD disc. In a Portable Safe you can transport your secure data safely anywhere. Anything that is portable are accommodated. One thing to note is that the maximum size for creating a portable safe in FAT32 is 3.99GB. To accommodate a bigger capacity the drive should be in NTFS file system. Best bet if you need a portable safe larger than 4GB is to use an "external drive" whcih are by default in NTFS file system. All files are secure in your Portable Safe and if ever you lose your portable device, say, flash drive/usb stick, unauthorized access is blocked because of its encryption. One thing to be noted is that the Portable Safe cannot be launched in Windows NT 4.0 or Windows 95/98.

    3. CRYPT & HIDE
    Allows the user to encrypt/decrypt and hide sensitive documents you have and keep them safe from prying eyes. It allows you to create encrypted archives for safe storage of documents, files etc. Encrypted archives can also be shared via cloud storage (Dropbox, Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive). A secure archive can also be hidden inside an audio or image file. Please note that the carrier file or the file that you will use to hide the archive will be at least 20x larger than the secure archive. Supported files types are; . JPG, BMP and .WAV files.

    Steganos Password Manager helps you manage all your online passwords, PINs, and other confidential/sensitive data s well as generate secure passwords for you and provides help to enter them automatically when needed. Passwords are managed and created in trees and tabs for "Passwords", Bank accounts", and "Credit cards". Steganos Password Manager lets you create a "keychain" which I see as a group or a list of password entries for every password that you have. I see it as a way to organize your password from all that you use for any specific need you have. When you create a keychain it will only show the name of the keychain and depending on your usage you can further add sub-categories, assign icons and create more entries.

    Steganos Privacy Suite 18 allows you to store favorites/bookmarks that you deem "personal" or "private" and encrypts them. It is part of the 4th tab of Password Manager.

    Feature is only available in 32bit systems so I was not able to try this one out.
    Email encryption are used to move emails, contacts, tasks and calendar files from Outlook (or from other supported email programs as applicable) to a Safe where they can be used as normally as possible but with protection of encryption. Only one (1) Safe can be used for mailbox encryption.

    Steganos Shredder effectively erases data (files/folders) permanently from your hard drive. SPS18 Shredder can also deep erase/deep clean "free-space" on your hard drive too as well as erase data on external devices such as flash drives/USB sticks, external hard disks via it's Device Shredder feature. Note that when you use the "Shredder" files cannot be recovered. They will be permanently erased.

    8. Steganos TRACE DESTRUCTOR
    Steganos TraceDestructor allows you to remove all traces of information after you have surfed the internet thus those trace build-up that are accumulated when you use the internet (or just use your computer locally) are effectively destroyed. The "One Click Destruction" icon on your desktop allows you to automatically erase all highlighted traces without you having to open SPS18 main interface. You also can automatically destroy all traces after exiting your browser by selecting "Trace destruction". Exceptions can also be made for cookies you want to keep via the "Define Cookie-Exceptions".

    9. PRIVACY
    Allows you to set privacy settings so you are guarded properly/securely. The settings are via toggle switch so you can either "turn-on" or "turn-off": (a) Webcam protection --deactivates your Webcam so others cannot "activate" it without your knowledge, (b) Block Ads --blocks ads/banners paving the way for your websites to load faster, (c) Prevent Tracking --safeguards your surfing habits and disables Facebook and Twitter buttons, widgets, etc, and (d) Anonymize browser type --replaces info about your browser, OS and config so thru it makes it harder to identify your identity online.

    The latest version is Steganos Privacy Suite is version


    • New intuitive user interface
    • New Email encryption powered by Mynigma
    • New Optimized Internet TraceDestructor
    • New Optimized Shredder for secure, irretrievable data removal
    • New Webcam protection
    • New Optimized Steganos Crypt & Hide to hide sensitive data in your picture or music
    • New Microsoft Edge Password Manager browser plug-in
    • New Backup Assistant for Steganos Safe, to ensure safes are regularly exported to backup media
    • New Optimized Portable Safe for USB flash drives, CD, DVD, or Bu-ray Disc
    • New Redesigned browser plug-ins for Chrome and Firefox

    • Automatically expanding Safes that save you precious Flash Drive space
    • Safe size up to 2TB
    • Protects your online privacy by stopping tracking as well as advertising and anonymizes your browser
    • Easily configure safes in your home network
    • Supports data encryption in Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive and MagentaCLOUD
    • Safes are now simple to move and delete
    • 384-bit AES-XES encryption with AES-NI Hardware acceleration for optimal protection against thieves, snoops and intelligence services
    • The unlocked safe seamlessly integrates itself in Windows as a disk drive and can be used from within any application.
    • Steganos Safe not only encrypts your data, but also inconspicuously hides it in a picture, music/video file if desired
    • USB stick as safe key; once detected, the virtual vault closes and the sensitive data is protected
    • PicPass (picture passwords), Steganos Shredder (permanently destroys files)

    System Requirements:

    Microsoft Windows 10, 8 or 7; at least 1 GB RAM (x32 / x63 bit) CD/DVD-ROM drive, 200 MB of storage space, internet connection for updates, Steganos Mobile Privacy iOS and Android apps are available for free in the App Store or Google Play store.

    For Steganos Safe, additional storage space is required for the secure drives. The NTFS file system is required for secure drives larger than 4GB.

    Supported key devices; All devices that Windows recognizes as writable removable media (e.g. USB sticks, memory cards, digital cameras), Key devices not included in delivery.

    Functionality restriction: No mailbox encryption for x64 bit operating system.

    Product Home Page HERE

    Steganos Privacy Suite 18 OFFLINE INSTALLER HERE

    Steganos Privacy Suite Press Release HERE


    Steganos Help Center HERE

    A review of Steganos Privacy Suite 18 can be seen below.

    Tweakbytes Forum_Steganos Privacy Suite 18 : A Review and Spin



    Steganos Online Shield VPN will significantly improve your digital life. As all of us live constantly connected to each other the threat is always real and just within reach. Our very own internet feedom takes the form of "surveillance" and gazillions of security risks. Steganos Online Shield VPN aims to correct that! The internet as we all want it. Safe. Private and Advertisement free! Safe from hackers and without ads. Worldwide protection in every WiFi and wireless network




    What's New:

    • NEW Free 7-day Premium trial
    • NEW Updated more intuitive user interface
    • NEW Automatic cookie removal now also in Internet Explorer 11 & Edge
    • NEW Extended tracking protection makes it harder for websites to spy on you
    • NEW Reliable VPN protection now also on DS-Lite IPv6 connections

    Steganos Online Shield VPN is available cross-platform (regardless of Windows, Android or iOS) enabling you to surf safely and anonymously on up to 5 devices with one license. Surf securely around the world with your smart phone or tablet, regardless in which WiFi or LAN network. The app also protects you in the wireless networks (3G, LTE/4G,EDGE und GPRS). With Steganos Online Shield VPN you can bypass domestic content blockages so you can stream videos while on the go. The app let's you identify other devices in your network and block potential threats.



    Related Steganos Blog News

    More Info HERE

    Steganos Online Shield VPN Product Home Page HERE

    Steganos Online Shield VPN OFFLINE INSTALLER HERE

    Steganos Help Center HERE

    Steganos Licenses for this giveaway contest

    Steganos GmbH and BOHMerang PR has provided Tweakbytes Forum 10 licenses of Steganos Privacy Suite 18 and 10 x 1 year licenses for Steganos Online Shield VPN

    To participate please follow these 4 simple GOLDEN RULES!

    1. Giveaway is open to ALL members.

    Read / Like the Steganos Privacy Suite 18 Review HERE

    Read / Like the Steganos Online Shield VPN Review by our very own RGiskardR HERE

    State/Comment on the two (2) questions below,

    “What feature do you like best in Steganos Privacy Suite 18 and WHY?”

    “Why do you want to win a license of Steganos Online Shield VPN?”

    Post your answers as giveaway/contest entry below alongside your social media share.

    Please see sample entry below.


    3. To show your gratitude and support to the developer please share this giveaway by pasting the code below in your Facebook/Twitter/Google+ Account


    Optional: You may want to like/follow Steganos GmbH social networking sites as added support.

    Steganos on Facebook HERE

    Steganos on Twitter HERE

    Steganos on GooglePlus

    4. Only one entry per IP is permitted.... what does this mean?
    If you are using a VPN/Proxy to enter into this giveaway this against our forum rules BUT I guess ultimately members will try. BUT please note!! That if another member has also entered this same giveaway with the same VPN/Proxy before you did, then your entry will simply not be valid.

    How do you know if that VPN/Proxy IP has been used already for this giveaway?
    You don't BUT we do and your entry will not be accepted.
    I could just change my VPN/Proxy!!
    Yes you can but are you sure another member hasn't used this service?

    Rules are pretty simple . To enter this contest you must comply with these above
    4 simple GOLDEN RULES to be considered as a valid entry.

    Only one entry per member per IP is permitted.


    Each winner will receive --
    one (1) year license of Steganos Privacy Suite 18
    one (1) year license of Steganos Online Shield VPN

    That's two 1 year licenses of two great Steganos GmbH programs!

    Winning member’s names will be selected by and once winner’s names have been posted winner's will only have 3 days to PM me to claim their prize and if I do not receive your PM within specified timeframe your win will be forfeited, sorry no excuses will be considered.

    You will only receive a PM-reply from me if you have claimed your prize within specified time frame.

    The Giveaways starts April 20, 2017 and
    ends on May 25, 2017

    Goodluck to all!!! This is rare opportunity where you have a chance to
    win a license of
    Steganos Privacy Suite 18 + Steganos Online Shield VPN!

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    Please follow the rules! Thank you!
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    What feature do you like best in Steganos Privacy Suite 18 and WHY?

    I like to add more protocol in SOS VPN (same as SSH,Open VPN,Kerio...)because these tools is more usable for users who live in country with strong censorship.

    Why do you want to win a license of Steganos Online Shield VPN?
    Because this company is German base and all of us know that the German data center law and privacy is one of the greatest one in the wold,so why I d't want to have one of those? :)
    also we have good server on it and also support mobile phone :)

    I also suggest to Stegonas to add Bitcoin payment for buy its vpn :)

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    What feature do you like best in Steganos Privacy Suite 18 and WHY?”

    Optimized Portable Safes for USB flash drives, CD, DVD or Blu-ray Disc

    That is helping me to make my worked data safe by encryption

    Also Email encryption

    “Why do you want to win a license of Steganos Online Shield VPN?”

    Free from regional content blocks
    Because my country restricted from some site
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    Clear winners you know the drill.

    Thank you for joining!!

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