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    We @ are very pleased to announce our
    Emsisoft Internet Security
    [5 x 1 year Licenses] Giveaway!


    We would like to thank Emsisoft for their kind generosity for donating the licenses for this giveaway.



    Emsisoft Internet Security is the lean and efficient security suite that will make your digital life a whole lot easier.

    Antivirus & Anti-Malware & Firewall, all-in-one.
    Emsisoft Internet Security completes Emsisoft Anti-Malware with an efficient firewall core that suits anyone who dreams of ultimate protection, especially in third-party networks. Surf Protection protects your internet activity, block websites which are known malware magnets or malware haven. Here you can import host files and set action for those sites either Block silently, Don't block, Alert, and Block and notify. You can also set rules for individual websites. Just enter a hostname or IP address and set action for those sites either Block silently, Don't block, Alert, and Block and notify. Surf Protection will efficiently protect you and would not let you near dangerous sites regardless of any web browser you use.

    The Behavioral Blocker monitors all the running processes in your computer. For every process running you are given options to either, "Create rule"(if rules have not been created or edit a particular rule), "Lookup online" check the process online to see if it is malicious or not, "Quarantine program", "End/terminate the particular process", "Open file location" and see it's "File properties". For programs or processes that are showing suspicious behavior but at the moment cannot be verified you can set how Emsisoft Internet Security will inform you. Depending on your preference you can either "Display alert window", "Always allow the program", and “Use recommended option” or “Always quarantine the program.

    The Firewall is an intelligent and comprehensive firewall which allows you to setup/manage all your networks, incoming/outgoing connections as well as protocols and ports used. Firewall rules are pretty straight forward for any beginner too. For any given program you can set a name for your rule, say, office applications where in the Action - you can either "Allow" the connection, "Block" the connection or let the firewall decide "according to the application rules" you created. Advanced firewall settings are divided between Trustworthy programs and Unknown programs. There you can set it either to "Allow" the connection, "Block" the connection or "Ask" your input if you will either allow/deny a connection. Network management you can set your connections to either Public or Private Network. One thing to be noted is that the firewall module, detects the network profile you set in Windows firewall and can change its protection accordingly thus the user is efficiently sustained with its protection level. That is always a good thing as further tinkering with a firewall is sometimes not a good thing for an average user.

    Performance, engineered for you
    Light weight design means using minimum system resources for maximum protection and usability. Emsisoft Internet Security focuses on just one thing: Protecting your computer without compromise. No more, no less. Emsisoft Internet Security is not an overloaded, bulky software like most products on the market today. It is slim and efficient. Global and application-based firewall rules are easy to set up and clearly presented in the layout, while still remaining extremely flexible.


    Triple layer protection, reinforced by a kick-ass firewall
    Emsisoft Internet Security is a complete security suite, made to prevent infection from all Internet threats. An intelligent firewall closes off and hides your system when using public networks. Your PC will be practically invisible. Includes IPv6 support.

    Bonus: Online Banking Protection
    Keeps fraudsters away from your money by hardening your browser software.

    While you are eagerly awaiting the winners names to be drawn why not try Emsisoft Internet Security HERE

    Emsisoft is currently running their #surfprtection campaign and we should be all exposed to it for better knowledge and understanding. Pertinent links are below.

    Emsisoft Surf Protection Campaign Page

    Emsisoft Surf Protection Campaign Video

    Emsisoft Internet Security Licenses for this giveaway contest

    Emsisoft has provided Tweakbytes Forum 5 x 1 year licenses of Emsisoft Internet Security.

    To participate please follow these 4 simple GOLDEN RULES!!

    1. To ensure all who are entering our giveaways are actually contributing members to our forum you MUST have submitted at least 2 posts and created at least 2 threads to enter (not including giveaways) (we will be checking).

    2. Please answer the question below.

    What internet security suite are you currently using and why would you want to switch to Emsisoft Internet Security?

    Post your answers as giveaway/contest entry below alongside your social media share.

    Please see sample entry below.


    3. To show your gratitude and support to the developer please share this giveaway by pasting the code below in your Facebook/Twitter/Google+ Account


    Mandatory : Please like/follow Emsisoft’s social networking sites as added support. We will be checking.

    Emsisoft on Facebook

    Emsisoft on Twitter

    Emsisoft on G+

    4. Only one entry per IP is permitted.
    If you are using a VPN/Proxy to enter into this giveaway this against our forum rules BUT we guess ultimately members will try. So please take note, that if another member has also entered this same giveaway with the same VPN/Proxy before you did, then your entry will simply not be valid. Rules are pretty simple . To enter this contest you must comply with these above RULES to be considered as a valid entry.


    Each winner will receive one
    (1) year license of Emsisoft Internet Security

    Winning member’s names will be selected by and once winner’s names have been posted winner's will only have 3 days to send a PM to claim their prize. Prizes will be forfeit if a PM is not received within specified timeframe.

    The Giveaways starts June 28, 2017 and
    ends on July 28, 2017

    Goodluck to all!!!

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    Please follow the rules!
  4. kubik67

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    What internet security suite are you currently using and why would you want to switch to Emsisoft Internet Security?

    I use currently a combination of Norton Internet Security + Zemana AntiLogger is a combination of protection of the package.
    I would like to switch to Emsisoft Internet Security because license Norton Internet Security ends.
    Emsisoft Internet Security is antivirus and firewall-based anti-virus engines Bitdefender and Emsisoft. Includes control programs, web protection from known malicious resources and a completely new kernel firewall and will be a great replacement of the installed security program.

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  5. LowcyGier

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    I currently use ESET Smart Security Premium 10
    I would like to go to Emsisoft Internet Security because this solution offers better protection and detection against unknown internet threats. The application is lightweight for computer resources. This program has a user-friendly interface, effective web-based firewall and behavioral blocker. The multitude of functions allows you to recognize the program as an almost ideal solution.
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  7. Der.Reisende

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    What internet security suite are you currently using and why would you want to switch to Emsisoft Internet Security?
    Currently using AVG Internet Security 2017, as my Emsisoft Internet Security license has expired (I used it back in version 11).

    Emsisoft Internet Security is a no-brainer as they offer impressive dynamic protection by both their cloud based reputation lookup as well as the strong behaviour based component. It uses to shine on ransomware especially. Did I mention it's lightweight and auto-upgrades to new versions?

  8. jerzy6012.50

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    What internet security suite are you currently using and why would you want to switch to Emsisoft Internet Security?

    I will gladly take part in the competition for this program because it is a wonderful program.
    Currently I use Avire Free + Mbam Free but this security does not meet my requirements.
    I would like to move to Emsisoft Internet Security because it is a full security package even against ransomware virus.
    Thanks for the contest for this wonderful program and I wish all the luck.
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  10. ivancicaIvana

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  13. VinDiesel

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    Hello as the security suite that I use now is Karpersky Total Security but is a serial of promotion of 91 days and I just 66 days left and this security suite is very good I and used Emsisoft Antimalware any time and the truth is that he is very happy, thank you.

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