Thunderbird 60.0 release information

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    A new major version of the email client Thunderbird will be released later today that brings the version of the program to Thunderbird 60.0.

    While August 6, 2018 is the release date, Thunderbird 60.0 won't be offered through the email client's automatic updating system on that day. The Thunderbird team did not reveal why Thunderbird 60.0 is only offered as a direct download at this point in time.

    One explanation is that users may run into updating issues with the built-in Lightning calendar component of Thunderbird. The team published a FAQ page that answers questions related to that.

    Users who are interested in upgrading to the new version can download it from the official project website and install it manually. Note that the new version is not yet listed on the official site but that it will be later today.

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