The return of Fantomas, or how we deciphered Cryakl

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    n early February this year, Belgian police seized the C&C servers of the infamous Cryakl cryptor. Soon afterwards, they handed over the private keys to our experts, who used them to update the free RakhniDecryptor tool for recovering files encrypted by the malware. The ransomware, which for years had raged across Russia (and elsewhere through partners), was finally stopped.

    For Kaspersky Lab, this victory was the culmination of more than three years of monitoring Cryakl and studying its various modifications — a major effort that eventually defeated the cybercriminals. This story clearly illustrates how cooperation can, in the end, get the better of any crooked scheme.

    This spring marked the fourth anniversary of the malware’s first attacks. Against the backdrop of a general decline in ransomware activity (see our report), we decided to return to the topic of Cryakl and tell in detail about how one of the most eye-catching members of this endangered species evolved.

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