TeleCrypt – ransomware – defeated!

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    TeleCrypt – the ransomware abusing Telegram API – defeated!

    ok good people Telecrypt is a shitty piece of ransomware that is distributed through various means including emails, exploits, and by drive by downloads.

    Fortunately, the encryption used was not strong and one of Malwarebytes employees, Nathan Scott, already prepared a decryption tool, allowing the victims
    to recover their files without paying.

    You can download the decryptor from here.

    you can read more here including an Analysed sample
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    That is good!! :)
  4. Trim

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    A really interesting thread @guardian thanks for the share!!
    This ransomware seems to be very interesting, and the decryption tool already developed by MalwareBytes is a good news, because we can prevent the impossibility to lose personal files and data, because of encryption. It seems also that luckily some ransomwares are defeated with this type of decryption tool, but unfortunately the latest variants of some ransomware are too powerful and cannot be decrypted easily with specified tools.

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