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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by tbytes, Oct 31, 2013.

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         I am looking to buy a tablet - budget under 10k. I know the older Nexus 7 16 Gb prices have been slashed and it's probably the best value for money option for the features it provides at this price range but it doesn't have 3g data support (I would be outside a lot of times where wi-fi may not always be available). Here's what my needs are: 1)Good resolution to be able to read ebooks etc - so text should be clear with good visibility etc. 2)Be able to read/use under sunlight(perhaps that needs an ips screen???) as I think I would carry it outside often. 3)Since it would be used outside frequently, good battery backup is a requirement. 4)3g data is a requirement as wi-fi might not be available outside or during travel(So atleast a 3g dongle connectivity through a usb in case a 3g sim isnot possible). 5)Good Multitasking capabilities as I like to keep open a number of browser windows/tabs at the same time along with other applications etc( but most probably other appliations on this would be limited to a music/video player only as I don't think i would be using any kind of heavy applications or doing any work related stuff on this except reading books). 6) Other uses as stated above include watching movies/youtube videos etc , playing music, surfing net and reading books etc. Probably only a very limited gaming but good to know that it can play some light/medium games, however gaming is not a necessity so it could be ignored. I liked the Lava Xtron tab (not the newer Xtron+ which doesn't have an ips screen) but it's been discontinued. Welcome any recommendations/suggestions based on the criteria above.
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    The only decent tablets  which comes to my mind if you leave Nexus aside are the following. 

    1- Acer Iconia b1:-

    2- BSNL PENTA:-

    Now BSNL is well known brand in India and is of decent quality. IPS aka In Place Switching is a technology which prevents distortion of colors in application of pressure to LCD crystal layers. 

    Also note that the Acer Tab has just 512MB RAM whereas the BSNL one has 1GB of RAM. The later will be best suited for multitasking that too with ICS which is actually lighter than Jelly Bean. 

    But my recommendation is either compromise 3g and get Nexus. Or expand your budget a little bit to get the Lenovo Tab:-

    The lesser known tablets will not have rooting procedures and custom ROMs. If used properly they can be quite useful. 

    Anyways 3G prices in India are too costly. 210Rs that too under a promotional offer for 2GB data. 

    Anyways if you decide to buy online and if your comfortable you can use our affiliate links to purchase your Tablet. This will help us gaining a small commission and support our endeavors.  Currently we are valid affiliates of Amazon India and as well as Flipkart. I recommend either of them or Snap-Deal as a third alternative as I frequently use them and have no issues. 

    Note:- The links I have currently provided are non affiliate.

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